Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Thoughts on Relationships

"In every relationship there are situations you need to talk through -- and situations where you need to be through talking."

"The principal motivation to make a relationship better is that there is no conceivable way it will stay the way it is."

"Nothing becomes as good as it can be until it has survived the thing most likely to destroy it."

In relationships, the rule, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it"  is a good reason to break it every now and then.

"To stay in a relationship rather than hurt your partner is probably not love, though it may seem that way to an outside observer."

"Marriage has this in common with riding a Brahma bull -- that its success is judged less on style points than duration."

~~ Robert Brault


  1. LOVE the first one. Knowing that I am the talker and am married to a non-talker, it's a miracle that we have nearly made it to a 40 year anniversary (December -- how is that even possible?!). But it's so well stated -- there is a time to talk and then a time to STOP. Love it.

  2. Watching 'As Good As It Gets' with Jack Nicholson (no, I wasn't watching it with him) and all the things they had to endure before it got as good as it gets, reminds me of the truth contained in your quote. In fact, there is truth contained in all of your above quotes...which is why we keep coming back for more.
    We are also approaching 40 years of marriage. Mmmm, better come up with something acceptable so that life doesn't suddenly take a turn for the worst. Thanks for the reminder, Robert.

  3. Jan, Ken, thank you both. Seems it's getting to be just we three in the comments section -- kind of a geriatric menage a trois. If you ever arrive when I'm not here, the key's under the mat (smile).

  4. you have an interesting blog. thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts.

  5. Well, Robert...I want to join in with you, Ken, and Jan, too. I just don't visit as often as they do! Thanks for sharing your key :)

  6. Sridhar, thanks much for kind words. Becky, I'm sure that Jan and Ken will consent to a "menage a quatre."

  7. John,
    I have enjoyed reading your words. The first quote about when to speak up and when to shut up is perfect. Being a newlywed, I should probably have that cross stitched onto a pillow somewhere. Love your blog and look forward to reading more! :)