Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Affront To The Blue Sky

"Today is so fine a day out my door that my winter despair seems an offense against the Creator and my black mood an affront to the blue sky."

~~ Robert Brault


  1. Rosemary B here:
    Hello Dear friend. Yes, today in Northern Virginia, after a lot of snow last week, and rain all day yesterday.... the clouds held on. They would not let go of the sun, until 4:00 this afternoon. Finally! ::::grumblegrumble::::
    Spring will be here soon, and then all of us will be sneezing our heads off haha

  2. Rosemary, I once wrote, "Where I live, there are four seasons -- summer, fall, winter and waiting for spring." The wait is on, as the cold winds are blowing again today. Ah, spring, that persistent fantasy of the human imagination!

  3. Robert, I’m confident spring will win the seemingly endless tug-of-war with winter going on in my yard (also in Northern Virginia, Rosemary). Meanwhile, I may choose a view to suit my mood: the south-facing front clear of snow and ice with uplifting shades of green optimistically emerging; or the north-facing back with areas still shiny with tenacious layers of ice – some a quarter inch thick in spite of sunshine and temperatures in the fifties! Hang in there! There’s always hope if you look in the right direction.

    Much thanks for your always wise and entertaining guidance in considering varying points of view. I always find inspiration when I visit here with you.

  4. June, thank you for the good cheer. You are right about choosing one's view. All the south-facing rooftops up here (CT) are now clear of ice and snow while the north exposures hang heavy. I'm down to six inches of snow in my front yard, still knee-high in the back. But there is indeed hope. "Somewhere in the first winter there was an optimist imagining the first spring."

  5. Ah, my friend, it will take a week of those fine days to drive away the darkness. Somehow, Mother Nature seems not to be up to the effort of stringing enough of them together in a row.

    I'll wait.

    Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone...

  6. Paul, hi. There's something skewed about the seasons, at least up here in the Northeast USA. Summer , fall and winter begin right on schedule, but spring is always delayed six weeks. As I once said, "No one enjoys a spring fling more than Old Man Winter."