Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Sufficient Goal...

"A sufficient goal for any day is to take some small step in the direction of your journey."

"To be happy is to make a little more meaningful the life of everyone who ever prayed you would be."

"We would more often be happy, I think, if we could imagine the celebrations it sets off in heaven."

"It is not a code of ethics if you have to suspend it whenever your ethics are put to the test."

"The thing most needed to predict the future is a good memory."

"Life pretty much begins when you stop looking for excuses and find yourself a reason."

"Anything in a relationship that ever mattered has a way of still mattering."

~~ Robert Brault


  1. Thanks Robert. I love your quotes -- they always make me stop and think

  2. HAPPINESS is adding more “gems” to my Robert Brault collection - special treasures, indeed!

  3. I LOVE all of these. Seriously though -- my favorite is the concept of our happiness making those who have gone before us happy where they are too. Perfect way to brighten a day! xoxo

  4. I particularly like the first one!

  5. Just checked in and got a smile for my efforts.... thank you!

  6. Once again thanks Robert help someone .. to take some small step in the direction of (one's) journey... Much appreciated

  7. Rick, June B (Shirley), Jan, Becky, Judy, Raj -- Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a calling card. You are cherished friends.