Sunday, March 13, 2016

The First Thing To Remember...

"The first thing to remember about the art of conversation is that you are not the other person's favorite subject."

"It is tolerable -- the lie that gets you through your day, if you can return each evening to a truth that gets you through your night."

"To think that you haven't the energy for commitment is to greatly underestimate commitment as an energy source."

"Self-respect is spending a half-hour deciding what to wear on the 10th anniversary of the last time anyone noticed."

It doesn't hurt to say to someone, "Well done," especially if you want it medium-rare.

"You only get one youth, and it's fortunate that it happens at the only time in life when its activities could possibly interest you."

"It is possible to have principles without closing your mind to a clearly higher set of principles."

~~ Robert Brault 


  1. WHAT??!! I'm NOT everyone's favorite subject?? Dang..I never knew that! LOL.
    Love them all, as always, Robert!

  2. Love the comment about youth -- just kind of enjoying this stage of life and the things that interest me now are definitely not the ones that interested me then. Always so nice to find you here! xo

  3. Thank you, old friends (or young friends that I've had a long time.)