Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bottom Of The Bag

Here is everything left in my work file, pretty much as it occurred to me.  I will now turn my attention to cranking out a new book for September.  See all you folks then.


"You can wander a loneliness on your own, but it takes two to explore a solitude."

"Yes, I have been alone in a crowd, having more than once sought a crowd for that purpose."

"It's a rare couple that doesn't celebrate the anniversary of more than one promise."

"You cannot return to a time, but you can return, sometimes, to a beginning."

"There is almost no good thing you search for alone in life that you don't find only half of."

"I've learned this about paying your respects -- it is very hard to overdress for the occasion."

"My wish for everyone is to live happily ever after -- but not until your story is over."

"You can appeal to someone's common decency, but you can't supply it for them."

"How to make a marriage last?  You keep working at it, and in the meantime, you keep
celebrating anniversaries of the same wedding."

"I wouldn't mind living my life over, this time with the ability to say no."

"It is hard sometimes to remember that you woke up just a few hours ago with no intention whatever of antagonizing anyone."

"I dunno, there are days when I feel that if I walked down the street in a mask, no one would recall seeing anyone in a mask."

Today's thought question: "Haven't you always been too good with your hands to wring them now in despair?"

"The one thing I would guess about the Lord of Judgment is that He probably won't blame your parents."

It's not that two people say, "Let's grow apart."  It's that there's never anything else they feel like doing.

"The great unspoken truth is how much of friendship is unspoken truth."

"The advantage of silence over words is that there's a wider range of things you can claim you didn't mean by it."

"Stay out of the court of self-judgment, for the jury has already formed an opinion."

"I've never thought it my business to judge others, preferring to take the chance that I am not God."

"One of love's greater challenges is how to travel diverging paths and still meet back every night at the same place."

With apologies where due,
Robert Brault


  1. Hey RB,

    “ if I walked down the street in a mask, no one would recall seeing anyone in a mask."
    (… because you didn’t appear on their little hand-held screens?)
    Sorry – couldn’t resist the snarky twist!
    Have a wonderful and productive working-vacation from the blog. You’ll be missed, but the new book will be a much anticipated and welcome treat. Thanks for sharing the thoughts on file – inspiring, as usual!

    1. June (Shirley): You are far more with the times than I. I am still commenting on the world as it was 50 years ago.

  2. LOVE the realization that I am NOT God, therefore not in a position to make a judgement about anyone. That's how I am attempting to live my older years -- kinder, more accepting, and thinking before I speak (asking this: is there anything good that can come from this comment? If so, phrase it and say it carefully. If not, close your mouth.) You're the best. Thank you! xo

    1. Jan, as always, you say it best. The question, "What good can I hope to accomplish by this?" is the ultimate guideline.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights... I love them!

    1. Kathi, thanks. I wish I could entice a few readers to click your name and discover your blog. I so enjoyed my stroll through your gardens this afternoon -- a thoughtful delight.

  4. Wow, Robert! You sure went out with a bang!....not "totally" out, of course....Just your summer vacation! Looking forward to whatever you share next!

    1. Becky, yo. Thanks for the umpteenth time for your kind encouragement. I do wish a glorious summer to you and Ron (trust he's recuperating well.) Dearly hope that time will bring solace for your loss of poor, dear Vern. Cheers.

    2. Hello Robert - What a beautiful, thoughtful reply. I'm sorry I'm just now seeing it but certainly glad I'm seeing it AT ALL! Yes, Ron is still doing much better since he got rid of the pneumonia...And yes, we are in a somewhat better state of mind concerning Vern than we were. He's been gone 5 weeks today. Sometimes I can talk about him and be perfectly fine...and then at other times....Not. Thank you again for your support and encouragement pertaining to my writing, as well. Hello to Joan, too!

  5. Appreciative of your fine effort to ...highlight the... advantage of silence over words ... for the jury has already formed an opinion. Grateful Robert.