Sunday, June 26, 2016

Touching Base #2

Life is a process by which, one by one, the trophies on your mantel are replaced by pictures of the grandkids.

I've come to believe that you win at life by quietly accumulating the most consolation prizes.

It's  a tough mindset to change --  that you don't win unless someone else loses.  

Never be discouraged by the opinion of people who don't know what you're about to accomplish.

If only regret had action's purpose.  If only action had regret's information.

It takes no skill to belittle people -- to scoff at their harmless pretenses and strip them of their all-too-transparent masks.  It takes only a greater pretense and a more subtle mask.

~~ Robert Brault


  1. I don't think I will ever stop checking back here. Thank you for the inspirations....

  2. Once again grateful Robert for sharing ...consolation prizes. after-all .. It's a tough mindset to change... Appreciated

  3. All of these are oh so true. I'm sure you know my pick -- the first one! Because it's super true. Those grandkids sure seem to matter more than anything I ever did on my own. (speaking of that - -one of them had a swim meet this weekend and she killed it. Ended up with 4 meet records -- and it was a huge meet!). See? You're right, as always. xo

  4. Hi Robert! I usually don't pick "favorites" because I always love them all...but, this time I must say that I really like the 4th and the 6th! Keep 'em coming!

  5. Judy, Raj, Jan, Becky -- thanks so very much. You are true friends all. Jan, seems like the picture on your mantel will be of a grandkid hoisting a trophy! Best of all worlds.