Thursday, July 7, 2016

Be Reluctant To Judge

Be reluctant to judge another, for it's hard to know another person's true intent -- or the true intent of the judge.

I look at it this way -- if I always got what I prayed for, I'd be praying to someone no wiser than I am.

I believe in divine intervention.  I just don't believe it's the reason any particular number comes up in Powerball.

I'll tell you what's annoying.  It's annoying when people say, "You're only kidding yourself," when you're seriously trying to delude yourself.

There's nothing like seeing your reflection in a store window to get you thinking, "There but for the grace of God go I."

Madness is defined in different ways at different times, sanity being the knack of keeping current.

There are words you'd be ready to believe again -- if only someone would say them again.

~~ Robert Brault


  1. You got me with the last quote.

  2. I love coming to your page to see your new posts. I see the same old quotes everywhere and it just doesn't do for my soul like yours do. Your my best kept secret!

  3. Judy, an intriguing comment. What words? What words?

    Lauren, thanks so much. Love that you love coming here, but no need to keep it a secret. (smile)

  4. Yep. Seeing myself in a store window (or even worse, a mirror that's more of a close-up) is pretty scary. It's hard to take the obvious aging when nothing has changed inside -- I"m still on fire inside!! Apparently just not on the outside. But on the bright side, when I was younger, I didn't have those precious grandkids, did I? Hmmm. A fair trade-off I guess. At least until I look in the mirror again. xo

  5. Robert, I'm not going to write that I love all of them...because that's too "normal" for me. I particularly love the last one, though...