Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nine Thoughts

If I love you, child, more than myself, it is because you are my child, and I am someone else's.

What do you say to a wayward child ==  go and never brighten my door again?

Life is not fair, harder to acknowledge when it's not fair in your favor.

How to know when to end a relationship?  A good rule of thumb is that it's been over at least a year.

The longer in life  it takes to find the partner of your dreams, the more you should allow for a few extra pounds.

You can break up a marriage of strangers and become friends, but it's harder to break up a marriage of friends and remain friends..

There is no human weakness so universal that it cannot be made an unforgivable sin by calling it betrayal.

Marriage vow:  "And do you  promise that if you haven't already told each other everything, you won't start now?"

Do I ask so much -- a little good news on  the front page, an occasional resurrection  in the obituaries?

~~~ Robert Brault


  1. Hello Robert! My favorite this time is: "How to know when to end a relationship? A good rule of thumb is that it's been over at least a year." Hee hee....:)

  2. "Life is not fair, harder to acknowledge when it's not fair in your favor."
    Truer words were never spoken....
    Thank you again for always being there when I look for you.

  3. Wayward children -- so complicated. But the only right answer is to keep loving. Loved the way you put it - -they may walk away from us, but we will never walk away from them. They can always brighten my door - -whenever they're ready. Thank you! xo