Sunday, February 5, 2017

Welcome To All


Beginning today, I will again be posting a new "Today's Thought" every day.

Beyond that, I will continue to occasionally update the quote collections and personal essays in the sidebar.  The links will be rotated to include seasonal and holiday themes.  And, immediately below, I continue to offer my four published books, all available on Amazon or from me personally.  

Please do take time to explore.  I think you will find much to take home with you.

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  1. Yes! Looking forward to the daily thoughts!

  2. Looking forward to your stopping by, Oana. You have been a long-time friend.

  3. Robert, I was sure I left a comment somewhere here about sending you a Christmas card. Did you receive it? And also an email about a new fork in the road of my journey? All is well, and hope you and Joan are fine, too!

    1. Becky, alas. never received the card. Our mail was being collected weekly and forwarded to Florida at the time and might have been mishandled. A belated thank-you. Do hope you're liking your new home. You are a bolder spirit than I. Haven't moved in 38 years. ~~ Robert

    2. Hmmm, well I'm not surprised about the snail mail. It seems to get mishandled quite often! But you did at least get the email about our move....Life is never boring at our household...wherever it may be! :)