I Am Not The Operatic Singer Robert Breault

I want to point out that I am not the operatic singer "Robert Breault", no matter that Google insists on bringing up his likeness when my name "Robert Brault" is searched.

I am particularly dismayed that Google chooses to list several of my quotes under Mr. Breault's photo, as if he were the author.  This has caused a number of my items to be widely attributed to Robert Breault.

I have several times contacted Google about this, using the feedback button it provides underneath the Robert Breault sidebar display.  I have also emailed Mr. Breault, asking that he disavow the false accreditation.  Neither party has ever responded.

As a quid pro quo, I have considered making a claim to be the singer of Mr. Breault's arias.  Sad to say, I am having a problem with the upper register.

~~ Robert Brault

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