Sunday, January 26, 2020

Monday Musings #5

There are few opportunities in life more exciting than meeting a beautiful person who has not yet been sufficiently informed of the fact.

What person of faith does not pray for certainty, as if certainty ever made anyone a better person.

A key element in the art of communication is the perfectly-worded silence.

One thing you come to question as the years go by is whether it was wise to devote your life to attaining Thing A as a means of attaining Thing B.

"Morning Commute" -

I have always enjoyed expressing myself through music.  My instrument?  My two hands applauding the band.

So I had this dream.  I'm pleading my case before the Lord of Judgment, and the Lord, thumbing through Scripture, says, "Ah, I thought so.  I never said that."

One thing I've observed, both in myself and others, is that you can be as good a person as a child mistakes you for.

The reason smart people don't always succeed is that there's always a moment when the smart thing to do would be to chuck the whole thing.

~~ Robert Brault