Monday, January 26, 2015

A Month's Stray Thoughts

I have not posted in a month, and I can tell you that my days of posting regularly are certainly over.  But stray thoughts do occur, and perhaps not all of them are worthless.  Here are a few recent ones.

"No matter how carefully you plan your life, in the end your happiness comes down to someone who one day just walked into it."

"What you discover about most successful people is that they would have settled for less, but no one ever offered them less."

"The trouble with countries defending their honor is that they always defend more honor than they have."

"As to pride versus honor, if you feel the need to defend it, it's pride.  If you feel the need to demonstrate it, it's honor."

"I'll tell you what's not fair.  It's not fair to be accused of settling for social acceptance when you worked your butt off for it."

"No matter how hard you work to achieve something in life, you will someday have kids who will accuse you of settling for it."

"The danger of thinking you're 100% right is that it's the only way you can be 100% wrong."

~~ Robert Brault

Monday, December 22, 2014

Secrets About Myself, Etc.

"I have always known what was good for me, but I've never been convinced the moment was right to put it into practice."

"I never hear what two people think about a third without becoming strongly inclined to disagree with them."

"I never find myself in a group of three without wishing to be the impartial third party."

"I don't believe a crowd is ever right.  I can agree with you, but if you get a third person to agree with us, I'm out."

"A soulmate is someone who knows where you went when you were last seen wandering aimlessly."

"The most important thing that good can learn from evil is to present itself as a temptation."

"Life always waits until there are a hundred perfectly good reasons to persist before it takes away the passion."

~~ Robert Brault

Friday, December 12, 2014

No Matter How Passionate...

"No matter how passionate a relationship, it is sustained in the end by its everyday courtesies."

~~ Robert Brault

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mind Benders

"If there be no God, then what is truth but the average of all lies."

"No matter how you rush about, you will find at the end of the day that you traveled at the speed of time."

"If there were no good or evil, we would still need God to have true or false."

"Time is a figure eight, at its center the city of Deja Vu."

"Who is this God in which all believe, science and religion equally, and yet who is undetectable by sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste, this invisible entity of no beginning and no end, who heals all sorrows, renews all hope, reveals all lies, from whose bosom we all come and will all return?  Who is this God of universal acceptance?  He is Time."

~~ Robert Brault

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another Day...

"Another day, another chance to cherish those who have cast their lot with yours."

"At one time I saw happiness as a destination, and sought a shortcut.  Now I see happiness as a road, and treasure its every bend."

"It is curious that so many who profess no belief in destiny complain of their lot in life."

Sign over the gates of hell:  "24-Hour Delivery".

"No human being is your reward or punishment for anything.  ~~  Relationships 101."

"There are people who need a cross to bear, and there are times when you just have to be that cross."

"Is it so much that love asks -- that one day you be somebody's strength, the next day their babe-in-arms?"

"The trouble with not being into social networking is that people think you're anti-social when you're only anti-networking."

... and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects, still available in time for Christmas delivery

~~ Robert Brault

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In Life...In Love...

"In life we start out not knowing anything and end up knowing better.  In love we start out knowing better and end up not knowing anything."

"As important, in marriage, as never to stop loving each other is never to stop thanking each other."

"You can as easily stop caring as you can go back and decide not to start."

"There is often little behind a mysterious smile, but there are only expensive ways to find out."

"What a woman wants from a man is love.  What a man wants from a woman is life."

"You know you love someone when you know you would want to make them happy whether you loved them or not."

"The thing about writing a book is that it clarifies the nature of good and evil, good being the purchase of your book."

... and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.  Please do consider it for your Christmas list. 

~~ Robert Brault

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Always A Good Excuse

"There is always a perfectly good excuse, always a reason not to.  The hardest freedom to win is the freedom from one's excuses."

"Even at times when I don't care, I know exactly what I would care about if I did."

"I think there's no sorrow you cannot let go of if you know you can return to it as a sadness."

"One thing I've gotten used to over the years is people thinking I'm unhappy when I'm just sad."

"A holiday cocktail party is where every year you have the same conversation with the same couple about who you both still are."

"I guess the reason I like to go to cocktail parties is that it's the best place to meet someone who'd rather be some place else, also.."

"What would Christmas shopping be without strangers -- without people jostling all about you? And what a miracle how each year they suddenly, magically appear.  You go out to the mall, and there they are, young and old, tall and short, populating your Christmas season just a surely as if they had answered a call from central casting."

...and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.  Please do consider it for your Christmas list.

~~ Robert Brault