Monday, April 20, 2015

Taking A Break

Will be taking a break from the blog until May 15.

May I mention that Mother's Day is coming, and my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects, might make an attractive gift.  It contains four pages of quotes on "Mom" and another ten pages on "Parenting" and "Family."  Perhaps you can find a quote that hits home and bookmark it for mom's special attention.

My book link will take you to Amazon, where copies are now available for $7.88 plus shipping (a total of $11 or so).  It takes 7 or 8 days for Amazon to deliver, assuming you choose the lowest-priced shipping.

I want to thank Veronica, Alan, Keith, Bill and Diane for their recent purchase of the five copies I had personally on hand.  I will accept further orders for inscribed copies (email for details), but I will have to reorder from the printer and cannot promise delivery before Mother's Day.  I do hope you will consider ordering on Amazon.     

Wishing a pleasant mid-spring to everyone and a Happy Mother's Day to all moms.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Rick Lewis Touch

Today I'd like to celebrate the photo artwork of Rick Lewis, who has generously set up a "Robert Brault Gallery" on his website at  There is a permanent link to the gallery in the sidebar to the right (under the title "The Illustrated Man.")

Please take a moment to scan Rick's work, I couldn't be more thrilled to have an artist of his skill and ingenuity take an interest in my words.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Courage of Civility

"We undervalue, I think, the courage of simple, everyday civility.  What do we know of another person's day, of their worries and anxieties, of how deep into their innermost resources they had to reach for that gracious smile, that pleasant hello."

~~ Robert Brault

Monday, April 13, 2015

More Monday Musings

"You know you've lived  a few years when you start having your second thoughts first."

Overheard:  "My problem is not so much getting up in the morning as the results I'm getting from it."

"Ever have a day with absolutely nothing to do -- all promises kept, all thank-yous said, all regrets expressed?  Actually, I didn't think so."

It's a bit too late, after you've said. "I love you," to start parsing out the promises not included.

It's generally a good idea not to say, "I love you" if there's something you don't mean by it.

"It's a pleasant surprise to meet someone you heard had passed away, until you meet another one, and then another one... ."

"You wonder if the creator of reality ever thought that people would take it so literally."

... and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.  Please do give it a click. 

~~ Robert Brault

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Allecia's Magic

And here is another sampling from the wonderful Facebook page of Allecia Alicea-Imboden, a collection of photo-art illustrations of my quotes.  See it all at PhotoArt by Allecia. 

"So it turns out that all those years they were calling you a dim bulb, they meant you were efficient."


~~ Robert Brault

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sometimes Two People Meet...

"Sometimes two people meet who have no illusions -- and find they are ready for one."

"Insanity is the state of being unable, any longer, to be just a little bit delusional,"

Overheard at a wake:  "Thank God she didn't live to see what the mortician did with her hair."

Divorcee:  "With my first husband, it was lipstick on the collar.  With the second, it was lip prints on the mirror."

"Sometimes you know a relationship won't work but you enter it anyway, because it would be so cool if it did."

The Tax Season

"When it comes to reasoning with the IRS, there's no way, shape or form -- and you wouldn't understand the form, anyway."

IRS:  an agency modeled after the revenue-raising concepts of the 19th-century economist, Jesse James.

~~ Robert Brault

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Musings

To say, "I'm sorry if I offended you" is to say, "I'm sorry that you're so sensitive," which, the more I think about it, offends me.

"The way to make a good relationship better is to appreciate it just the way it is."

You won't find a book on, "How To Ruin A Good Thing."  You must look under, "How To Make A Good Thing Better."

"Nothing defeats conversation like asking someone's opinion and having them recite their catechism."

Human beings are the only animal you can torture and no one will say, "They actually like that."

"Despair is nearly always a still shot taken from a movie that is not over."

"It is a curious thing about love -- it is willing to forgive, but only if you plead guilty to a greater offense."

"To have a child is to realize that of all the lives you might have lived, only one was ever really possible."

... and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.

~~ Robert Brault