Sunday, July 13, 2014

Have A Good Summer

I am taking a break from both blogging and tweeting for the balance of the summer.  I hope, indeed, to take a break from the computer itself.  It has become a health issue for me and has to be done..

I wish you all a great July-August and hope you won't stray too far.  Readership has been slowly recovering since I changed domains in March, but it's barely back to half what it was.  I pray not to lose you all again.

I'd like to make clear that my old domain,, has been auctioned off, and I have absolutely no control over its content.  Last I looked, it was being used by a Japanese firm to sell body hair remover.  There is apparently nothing I can do about this.

Of course. no message of mine would be complete without a mention of my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects. Please do take a look at it if you haven't already.  It's the most complete collection of my quotes in existence, and the only one that exists in good, old-fashioned print.

Enjoy the summer.  See you in September.


One for the road:

"I think, if we ever succeeded in simplifying our lives, we'd realize that most of our happiness was in the complications."  

~~ Robert Brault

Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's A Sad Thing...

"It's a sad thing when everything in life that might make you happy is ever so slightly above your comfort level."

"Remember the days when in order not to believe a word of it, you had to hear some of it?"

There is always some happiness you can look back on or ahead to.  What's rare is a happiness you can look sideways at."

"Life is more or less a process for turning longings of the soul into cravings for chocolate."

"Material things do not make you happy, a discovery usually made after a lifetime of thinking it's the amount of them that's the problem."

"If you don't recognize quality when you encounter it, you life tends to conform itself so that you never encounter it."

"There are people whose actions you can observe until Doomsday and never see any indication of what they're trying to do."

"Anything is possible.  Think of all the people who have risen to world leadership who families did not consider them competent enough to be up and around."

"There are many neighborly people, although not necessarily enough to staff every neighborhood."

"A sad mistake we all make is to think that something will last longer if we never let it begin."

~~ Robert Brault

Sunday, June 29, 2014

They Were Happy Days

Once heard:  "They were happy days, those days of struggle.  I know it now, and what I will always thank God for, I knew it then."

"What rare treasures are the things you don't have to lose to appreciate."

"The sorrow of loss is not the price we pay for happiness.  It is an inseparable part of happiness, all one experience to be treasured in every stage."

"Anything that really matters to you in life will matter to you long after you think you it doesn't -- for the reason that it once did."

"Always be demanding of the person you are -- and forgiving of the person you were."

A few on the light side...

"Yes, I take a afternoon nap.  I just think the human race faces challenges for which it is critical to be well-rested."

"It's not just you.  No one gets out of bed in the morning and is entirely happy with the decision."

"I find it hard to predict the future, but I've had a pretty good record with dire premonitions."

... and a thousand more in my book Round Up the Usual Subjects

~~ Robert Brault

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You Won't Find Happiness...

"You won't find happiness by increasing the number of things you possess that have nothing to do with it."

"You can misunderstand a friend, but you really have to be related to someone to get them completely wrong."

"Eating chocolate is about the only thing you can't give up and compensate for it by eating chocolate."

As for global warming, hey, when the animals start running for higher ground, I'll be right behind them."

"If Plan A always worked, the alphabet wouldn't have 26 letters."

A good plan always has a point where you say, "And now we just sit and wait."

"The surest way to predict a result is to assume that everyone will use exactly the brains they have."

"People do strange things, which is to say, exactly what you would do if you were in their shoes."

"There is always a path of least resistance, seldom taken, for there are always more interesting paths."

...and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.

~~ Robert Brault

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's All About Attitude

"It's all about attitude.  If you could trade lives with a happy person, they would be just as happy with yours."

"No material thing will make you happy unless you have a clear idea of how much would be exactly enough."

"The problem with selfishness is that it denies you the extension of your life that can only be lived through others."

"Material wealth is different from most things that don't make us happy, in that we think that more of it will."


From my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects, "Attitude"

"If you can be unaccountably sad, you can be unaccountably happy."

"Two people can have a middling day, but one rounds up and the other rounds down."

~~ Robert Brault

Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Is A Brief Opportunity...

"Life is a brief opportunity to make sure that your dreams don't die with you."

"We can't always succeed, but we can hope that our actions reveal some small indication of what we hoped to accomplish."

"We are not paid for our time and effort.  We are paid to produce something, and, occasionally, it's good to remember what it is."

 "The best thing a teacher can do for her students is to be someone they would really like to impress."

"We want to praise our kids, but if they begin to feel that we cannot distinguish mediocre from excellent, our praise means nothing."

"When kids feel they have earned our respect, the last thing they want is unconditional love."

~~ Robert Brault

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend Whimsy #1

"Yes, I believe in miracles,  Otherwise I couldn't account for the success of my neighbor's kid."

Classified ad:  "Bundle of good intentions seeks mind reader."

"I like a friend who will always tell you the truth about yourself -- and will occasionally just get lost.

"Love may be blind, but like most who are blind, it still knows pretty much where everything is."

"There are politicians who would leave this planet a better place than they found it if they would just leave."

"You know that this voter ID thing has gone too far when voters in Chicago are asked to present a valid death certificate."

"The logic of many people amounts to this --  if A is true because B is true, and B is proved false, praise God that A is still true."

"You can't prove something is true by showing that it agrees with something you've never questioned."

~~ Robert Brault