Friday, November 21, 2014

A Few Favorites

From now until Christmas, I will be posting favorites from my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects, I hope you will consider the book for your Christmas list.

Be Yourself

"We all have our limitations, but when we listen to our critics, we also have theirs."

"There is a limit to how much you can change to be liked for who you really are."

"Why try to be someone you're not?  Life is hard enough without adding impersonation to the skills required."


"It is sad when two people turn from the paths they're traveling, and their paths go on to cross without them."

"Sometimes in life you have an appointment with destiny, and sometimes you just have to get destiny to squeeze you in."


Overnight it rained, and the wind shifted into the west, and this morning my garden is fresh in the sun, and its scent wafts through my window.  But if I sit in my garden, who will keep my appointment in town?  But if I keep my appointment in town, who will sit in my garden?


In many areas of understanding, none so much as in our understanding of God, we bump up against a simplicity so profound that we must assign complexities to it to understand it at all.  It is mindful of how we paste decals to a sliding glass door to keep from bumping our nose against it.

"If there be no God, then what is truth but the average of all lies."


The conclusion, "Nobody cares," is always based on an insufficient sampling.

"We envy others, for we see their lives in broad outline, while forced to live ours in every detail."

"Count no day lost in which you waited your turn, took only your share, and sought advantage over no one."


Why be saddled with this thing called life expectancy?  Of what relevance to an individual is such a statistic?  Am I to concern myself with an allotment of days I never had and was never promised? Must I check off each day of my life as if I am subtracting from this imaginary hoard?  No, on the contrary, I will add each of my life to my treasure of days lived, and with each passing day my treasure will grow, not diminish.

Judging Others

"Always carry with you a little reasonable doubt, should you meet someone who needs to be found innocent."

"The key to compassion is to realize that everyone you meet is a set of extenuating circumstances."

Always when judging
Who people are,
Remember to footnote
The words, "So far."


"Conscience is less an inner voice than the memory of a mother's glance."

"A mother forgives you all your faults, not to mention one or two you don't even have."

"There is little you achieve whose possibility was not first exaggerated by your mom."

"Sometimes, in a moral struggle, we remember a lesson our mother taught us, just as on a cold winter's day long ago, we discovered mittens pinned to our coat sleeves."


"When I am gone, my love, do not look for me in the places we used to go to together.  Look for me in the places we always planned to go to together."


A nod,
a bow
and a tip of the lid
to the person
who coulda
and shoulda
and did!


"It is a special friend who dispels your loneliness but leaves your solitude intact."

"The difference between a dog and a person is that when you earn a dog's love, you get it."

"There is no better actor than a dog pretending to be as sad and lonely as you are."

Soul Mates

"In the end there doesn't have to be anyone who understands you.  There just has to be someone who wants to."

"You will not find a soul mate in the quiet of your room.  You must go to a noisy place and look in the quiet corners."

"One day, in your search for happiness, you find a partner by your side, and you realize that your happiness has come to help you search."

"Eventually soul mates meet, for they have the same hiding place."

~~ Robert Brault 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Lesson I've Learned...

"A lesson I've learned in life is that Chance is an apt to be chiseled in stone as Fate."

"You don't seize an opportunity.  You seize a moment and create an opportunity."

"Most of life's problems don't get solved.  They get resolved, and life goes on."

Occasionally ask yourself,  "What approach might I make to my adversary today if I were a person of good will?"

"You can make a relationship work,  Heck, I've known people who fell in love at first sight and made it work."

"When it comes to fairness in the workplace, nothing gives a man perspective like putting himself in someone else's pumps."

"They do seem to alternate -- days when your every action seems ineffectual and days when your every action precisely defeats its purpose."

Next time my analyst says, "If you're unhappy, you know whose fault it is, don't you?", I got a list of names in my hip pocket.

...and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.  Please do consider it for your Christmas list. 

~~ Robert Brault

Monday, November 10, 2014

They Never Met...

Sad Story:  "They never met, for she kept searching at the corner of Destiny and Romance, and he lived at the corner of Main and Sycamore."

"The saddest thing in an uncommitted life are the amusements that pass for happiness."

"A best friend is someone who knows your virtues but believes your failings more than compensate."

"I've just re-inventoried my possessions, and they're still not enough to make me happy.  Maybe an electric toothbrush... ."

"To have success, you can't let failure stop you.  To have great success, you can't let success stop you."

"You can teach your kids to know better, but you can't teach them not to do it anyway."

"One thing you learn from your dog is that it's best sometimes to just lie under the dining room table and await developments."

"Somewhere along the line, science confused God with Time, and it has been explaining Time ever since, leaving God to the stubbornly curious."

... and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.  Please do consider adding it to your Christmas list.

~~ Robert Brault

Thursday, November 6, 2014

...To Paint Dreams

"The imagination is a palette of bright colors.  You can use it to touch up memories -- or you can use it to paint dreams"

"What are memories but dreams of a better past."

"Perhaps I have lived my life to excess, but know what --  if I had it to do over again, I would overdo it again."

"One's dream is defeated not by unsolvable problems, but by all the more-or-less satisfactory solutions one can choose instead."

 "The great enemy of achievement is a schedule already full."

The lament most often heard is not, "If only I had not been so lazy..." but "If only I had not been so busy... ."

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single happy delusion that it can be done without a stop-over."

"The most common eleventh hour decision is that we'd better look for a motel, after all."

"Some think they can be happy with more possessions, some with fewer, but no one thinks they can be happy with their current inventory."

...and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.

~~ Robert Brault

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Monday Resolution

"There are crazy things I never did because I knew better, but now I don't know better, and, by God, I'm going to do them."

~~ Robert Brault

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fate Writes The Book, but...

"I've lived enough of my life story to know this -- fate writes the book, but you yourself make the movie."

"So often the person for whom you would climb any mountain and swim any sea would settle for a little conversation at dinner."

"If I had it to do again, I would give a little more urgency to explaining myself while somebody might just still care."

"We deny an apology to the person who deserves it, and then one day they are gone, and we apologize to anyone who will listen."

There are people who cannot say "I love you."  They can only pick up the phone and say, "I miss you."

"There is no couple so contentious that they don't have a favorite restaurant where they can agree that the food is terrible."

A question I always ask myself before voting is this:  "Would I ever want to find myself at this person's mercy?"

"One of the more persistent popular delusions is that electing someone to office will get them to go away."

and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.

~~ Robert Brault

Saturday, October 25, 2014

There Is A Part Of Us...

"There is a part of us we share with no one, and it is to this part of us that the marriage vows are addressed."

Wisdom: n, the state of knowing many things, none of them for sure.

Man: n, a creature exhibiting both the good and bad in human nature.
Dog: n, a creature exhibiting only the good in human nature.

There are people who say, "If I had it to do over, I wouldn't do a single thing differently," and they are the only people who get to do it over.

"Though attracted by the ribbons and the wrapping, one marries the whole package, which is still better than the other way around."

"Experience is not only the best teacher, it makes a very good vice-principal."

"I think a successful life is like a successful stage play -- it needs a script to tear up."

"The measure of a happy life is the number of things you get a high from that don't have any street value."

... and a thousand more in my book, Round Up The Usual Subjects.

~~ Robert Brault