Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome To All


Wishing everyone a  peaceful, joyous and intellectually challenging 2017.

As of now, I am keeping the blog in a state of "semi-maintenance."  I no longer post regularly, but I do occasionally update the sidebar.  You will find there, from time to time, a new "Today's Thought" and links to various of my quote collections and personal essays.  I rotate the links to include seasonal and holiday themes.  And, immediately below, I offer for review my four published books, all available on Amazon or from me personally.  

Please do take time to explore.  I think you will find much to take home with you.

 Round Up The                                   The Second                          
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 The Everyday Aphorist                 The Everyday Aphorist
 The Most Popular 1200                          Kindle Edition
  (Anthology Collection)