Archive Of Today's Thoughts

Apr  25, 2017:
"The punctual have this in common with the chronically-late -- they run into exactly the same unexpected delays."

Apr  24, 2017:
"Sometimes Fate dilly-dallies in bringing two people together, and their guardian angels have to see to it."

Apr  23, 2017:
"Nothing impresses someone like some small visible evidence that you have made an effort to do so."

Apr  22, 2017:
"The most common excuse of people who waited until the last minute is that something came up at the last minute."

Apr  21, 2017:
"The trouble with caring only about yourself is that it so often leads to not caring about anyone."

Apr  20, 2017:
"There are times when you don't need a miracle, but you definitely need something unknown to science."

Apr  19, 2017:
"Never let your emotions rule, but always let them testify."

Apr  18, 2017:
"Not everything unknown to science is unknown to possibility."

Apr  17, 2017:
"Sometimes, to find the silver lining, you have to realize that it's not all about you."

Apr  16, 2017:
"There are reasons why no one could ever love you, and you can be sure your lover knows them all."

Apr  15, 2017:
"Be happy and a reason will come along."

Apr  14, 2017:
"If you are not on your guard, putting on your unhappiness in the morning can become as instinctive as putting on your clothes."

Apr  13, 2017:
"The lesson of Good Friday is to never lose hope -- or at least give it the weekend."

Apr  12, 2017:
"I dunno -- seems like nothing ever brings you back to reality that makes you want to stay there."

Apr  11, 2017:
"Yes, there are people who might ruin my day -- if they were on the list of people I will let ruin my day."

Apr  10, 2017:
"Today is one of those spring days when your black mood seems an affront to the blue sky."

Apr  9, 2017:
"Remember that a hopeless situation is only a situation -- you are the one supplying the hopelessness."

Apr  8, 2017:
"There are Seven Deadly Sins, of which, so far, only Envy and Greed have organized politically."

Apr  7, 2017:
"It is not necessary that a good thing become a better thing.  Sometimes you just have to let a good thing be a good thing."

Apr  6, 2017:
"There are times when you just need to park your better judgment and listen yo your better angels."

Apr  5, 2017:
"Do not expect the whole truth from those who have never told you the whole lie."

Apr  4, 2017:
"What good is a moral code that causes you to regret but never causes you to reconsider?"

Apr  3, 2017:
"In the end you don't need to know what love is.  You just need to know that certain people are safe from harm."

Apr  2, 2017:
"The mark of a clever conspiracy is that the people it conspires against think they are part of it."

Apr  1, 2017:
"You know something's wrong with the system when you find yourself begging for justice as if it were mercy."

Mar  31, 2017:
"Whatever you're trying to prove, it's good, occasionally, to spend a day not trying to prove it."

Mar  30, 2017:
"You can call it betrayal -- or you can understand that true love makes impossible promises."

Mar  29, 2017:
"Most of human progress is owed to people who refused to admit to themselves what everyone else already knew."

Mar  28, 2017:
"Optimism is the knack of not letting every conceivable thing that could ruin your life ruin your day."

Mar  27, 2017:
"You have to let trivial things make you happy.  You can't count on the important things."

Mar  26, 2017:
"Never let something ruin your life that wouldn't matter to you otherwise."

Mar  25, 2017:
"A lasting relationship can be owed to Fate or Chance, but more often it is owed to Second Chance."

Mar  24, 2017:
"If you're going to let some trivial thing ruin your day, the possibilities are endless."

Mar  23, 2017:
"All I know about the odds is that they're always against you if you never take the chance."

Mar  22, 2017:
"You can't predict everything that will happen, but if you know a little history, you can predict a few things that will happen again."

Mar  21, 2017:
"Say what you want about marriage, it's still the best-known cure for unnecessary conversation."

Mar 20, 2017:
"You're born, you die, and in between you try not to get involved.  Good luck with that."

Mar 19, 2017:
"There are things I regret not because I'm to blame but because they're regrettable and no one else is regretting them."

Mar 18, 2017:
"The longer you reserve comment, the more it becomes obvious that you have said enough."

Mar 17, 2017:
"A soulmate is someone who knows where you went when you were last seen wandering aimlessly."

Mar 16, 2017:
"I have learned to just quietly listen, finding that it is usually what people want when they ask for my input."

Mar 15, 2017:
"We live today with our excuses, and regret tomorrow with our real reasons."

Mar 14, 2017:
"Imagine, in the first winter, the odds you have gotten against the first spring."

Mar 13, 2017:
"It is perhaps unfair to hold against someone the very thing that attracted us to them in the first place."

Mar 12, 2017:
"There is no fonder memory of anyone than of how easy it was to make them happy."

Mar 11, 2017:
"We all want to be liked, often mistaken for wanting to be understood."

Mar 10, 2017:
"The best evidence that you're doing the right thing is that it isn't easy."

Mar 9, 2017:
"There are things happening today that don't make sense, and you dread the sense they would make if they did."

Mar 8, 2017:
"I've been looking over the list of spring chores I made up last fall, and darned of they aren't fall chores, after all."

Mar 7, 2017:
"The best things in life are not only free, they take less trunk space."

Mar 6, 2017:
"Ah, yes, nostalgia.  We live our days in the glare of the sun, and remember them in the light of a full moon."

Mar 5, 2017:
I had a dream.  It was Judgment Day, and God said to me, "Before you blame your parents, I should tell you that they're already in heaven."

Mar 4, 2017:
"Eventually we realize that life is a circus and living it a death defying act."

Mar 3, 2017:
"The list keeps growing -- the evils that otherwise good people find an excuse to condone -- until one day there's no otherwise left."

 Mar 2, 2017:
"It's a hard thing to change your mind about someone, especially when it requires you to change your memories." 

Mar 1, 2017:
"How, child, do I know where you're headed?  Because I'm there, and I can see you coming." 

Feb 28, 2017:
Life is too short to spend waiting for an answer, especially when the answer is nearly always, "It's up to you." 

Feb 27, 2017:
"Two things are needed to succeed -- a sensible plan and a willingness to stick to it when any sensible person would give up." 

Feb 26, 2017:
"It is a persistent delusion that electing someone to political office will get them to go away." 

Feb 25, 2017:
"There is a difference between denying reality and avoiding it whenever possible." 

Feb 24, 2017:
"The unhappiness we feel because someone doesn't care is always blamed on someone who does." 

Feb 23, 2017:
"Sometimes a couple says together for the sake of the kids -- two kids who sat under a full moon and pledged to be forever true." 

Feb 22, 2017:
"Wealth and wisdom are seldom combined, for the person who achieves one no longer desires the other."

Feb 21, 2017:
"Seek happiness first where you had it last." 

Feb 20, 2017:
Despite all the new safety alerts in cars, nothing has ever replaced someone in the passenger's seat shouting, "Dear God!" 

Feb 19, 2017:
"Most often the person for whom we would climb any mountain and swim any sea would settle for a little conversation at dinner." 

Feb 18, 2017:
"We tend to cherish the things for which we have sacrificed, none more than the lie for which we sacrificed the truth." 

Feb 17, 2017:
"If the good Lord had intended me to make excuses for who I am, He would have given me better excuses." 

Feb 16, 2017:
"Nothing we feel entitled to ever comes to us in sufficient abundance to make us happy.  
Happiness is always a sense of having been blessed." 

Feb 15, 2017:
"Beware a belief that has long withstood the test of not being challenged." 

Feb 14, 2017:
It is a simple sentiment, "I love you" and yet so hard sometimes to get the words right. 

Feb 13, 2017:
"Being loved by all is little fun,
 Unless you're also loved by one." 

Feb 12, 2017:
"The first place to look for happiness is where you left it." 

Feb 11, 2017:
"I've thought about living and dying, and I think it's probably better than living and being left behind." 

Feb 10, 2017:
"There is no limit to what one person can do, and, fortunately, that is who most of us are." 

Feb 9, 2017:
"I don't know what it takes to be you.  You don't know what it takes to be me.  And so we tend to underrate each other's heroism." 

Feb 8, 2017:
"It never fails -- just when you think a politician knows better, you discover he knows worse." 

Feb 7, 2017:
"The power of a tweet?  Well, for one thing, it makes possible an appeal to mob psychology without having to assemble a mob." 

Feb 6, 2017:
"How do you find love?  You just keep showing a brave face to the world, and one day it breaks someone's heart." 

Feb 5, 2017:
"Every day I am passed right and left by people who aren't going to get to the end of the day any sooner than I am." 

Jan 24, 2017:
Words, looking back: "Though battered by daring, not sorry I dared.  Though sorrowed by caring, not sorry I cared." 

Jan 17, 2017:
"We usually recognize the consequences of our actions.  It is the consequence of our inaction that gets confused with fate." 

Jan 15, 2017:
"Anyone can become a victim of circumstances who is bound and determined to find the circumstances." 

Jan 11, 2017:
"One way to stop doing things you'll later regret is to stop doing things you already regret. " 

Jan 2, 2017:
"Perhaps there are truths I can't handle, but I like to be the one who gets to decide." 

Jan 1, 2017:
"You can accept reality without believing every yarn it spins." 

Dec 28, 2016:
"I've learned this -- never postpone taking a vacation thinking you won't get another chance to postpone taking a vacation." 

Dec 27, 2016:
"Of what use to know the nuances of everything and the essence of nothing?" 

Dec 26, 2016:
"You can accept reality, but you can be pretty sure it won't be the same reality your grandkids accept." 

Dec 25, 2016:
"Once, in a far corner of a vast empty universe, there was a small planet orbited by a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer." 

Dec 24, 2016:
"If you understand compound interest, you basically understand the universe," 

Dec 23, 2016:
"Genius is the capacity to learn from mistakes that the average person is too smart to make." 

Dec 22, 2016:
The only "what ifs" that matter are what if you were you and what if the time were now.." 

Dec 21, 2016:
"It is asking a lot of friends and loved ones that they be experts in the interpretation of silences." 

Dec 20, 2016:
"It is sad to spend your life running away from a truth that you actually could have handled."

Dec 19, 2016:
"I like to give the benefit of the doubt, given the experience I've had with what I thought I knew for sure."

Dec 18, 2016:
"Yes, my love, I have had my artistic ambitions -- to be the singer who sang your praises, to be the painter who painted the smile on your lips each day, to be the writer who wrote I LOVE YOU in the sand."

Dec 17, 2016:
"Chase about as we do, we never reach a moment in time ahead of anyone else."

Dec 16, 2016:
"It is possible, if you never glance up, to live a dull gray life under a bright blue sky."

Dec 15, 2016:
"No child ever learned a lesson by being spared the lesson."

Dec 14, 2016:
"It is a common fallacy that if you have enough reasons, none of them has to be good enough."

Dec 13, 2016:
"Nothing says more about who you really are than the brave face you put on each morning and show to the world."

Dec 12, 2016:
"You can believe in fate, or you can believe that two raindrops, flung from the heavens, just happen to merge on a windowpane."

Dec 11, 2016:
"I try to remember, when I hear a boastful person, that it's hard to be humble when no one is proud of you."

Dec 10, 2016:
"You don't have to believe in a just God to know what a just God would want you to do."

Dec 9, 2016:
"Sometimes the silences between two people are just conversations committed to memory."

Dec 8, 2016:
"To be sane is to know that there are parts of the mind you cannot enter with any hope of returning."

Dec 7, 2016:
"The way to play second fiddle is to play it like second Stradivarius."

Dec 6, 2016:
"Life gives us the minutes and the hours.  We create the moments and the occasions."

Dec 5, 2016:
"A childhood Christmas is a work of art, created by those two little-known artists, mom and dad."

Dec 4, 2016:
"When you've tried and failed all your life to solve a mystery, you must consider the possibility that it is not a mystery."

Dec 3, 2016:
"Life is about discovering things that do matter in the end."

Dec 2, 2016:
"Do not spend your life seeking security and then wonder why you never found happiness."

Dec 1, 2016:
A question to occasionally ask yourself is this: "What did I approve today by remaining silent?"

Nov 30, 2016:
"On the one hand, don't take everything personally.  On the other hand, don't expect anything to change until you do."

Nov 29, 2016:
"More important than how your day goes is having someone to ask how it went."

Nov 28, 2016:
"Every democracy has constitutional safeguards to prevent a majority from seizing power."

Nov 27, 2016:
"Never let your emotions rule, but always let them testify."

Nov 26, 2016:
"No matter how you rush about, you never reach a moment in time ahead of the clock on the wall."

Nov 25, 2016:
"Life is an experiment to see what each of us might accomplish if we could travel forward through time.."

Nov 24, 2016:
"I have been humbled by praise, and I have been humbled by having the turkey slide off the platter into my mother-in-law's lap -- and it's not the same."

Nov 23, 2016:
"Possession is nine-tenths of the law.  One suspects it is a smaller fraction of happiness."

Nov 22, 2016:
"There is no more fruitful garden of hypocrisy than evil citing past evil as precedent."

Nov 21, 2016:
"The thing about letting yourself be victimized is that it's so hard to blame the right person."

Nov 20, 2016:
"There is no such thing as a list of reasons.  There is either one sufficient reason or a list of excuses."

Nov 19, 2016:
"It's still possible to be a blind optimist.  It just takes more blindness."

Nov 18, 2016:
"Never explain -- until you meet that one person who cares -- and then always explain."

Nov 17, 2016:
"To be nobody's fool is to be, of all fools, the loneliest."

Nov 16, 2016:
"A truce is not a relationship, and if you are the only one observing it, it is not a truce, either."

Nov 15, 2016:
"Refuse to be burdened by vague worries.  If something wants to worry you, insist that it make itself clear."

Nov 14, 2016:
"There is always sufficient reason for despair, but there is never sufficient purpose."

Nov 13, 2016:
"The most basic strategy is to get time on your side; the most basic tactic is to sit and wait."

Nov 12, 2016:
"You discover in the end there that aren't any answers. There are only questions -- and they are all trick questions."

Nov 11, 2016:
"There is hope for a country whose veterans still wave its flag and wear with pride its badges of honor."

Nov 10, 2016:
"It is one thing to have made up your mind and another thing to have made up your eyes and ears."

Nov 9, 2016:
"Life never tires of testing the proposition that life must go on."

Nov 8, 2016:
"I have been alone in a crowd and, in fact, have many times sought a crowd for that purpose."

Nov 7, 2016:
"There is no limit to what one person can do, and, fortunately, that is who most of us are."

Nov 6, 2016:
"Never let probability stop you, for it is, and always has been, a notorious liar."

Nov 5, 2016:
"The difference between what we know and what we believe is that we're not usually willing to die for what we know. "

Nov 4, 2016:
"The trouble with taking offense is not that it makes trivial things important but that it makes trivial people important."

Nov 3, 2016:
"All I ask of those who would judge my sins is that they consider the sins I was capable of."

Nov 2, 2016:
"Always keep in your pocket a spare moment, should someone ask if you have one."

Nov 1, 2016:
"There is a point in life when the quest becomes the reality and going home again the impossible dream."

Oct 31, 2016:
"There are things I regret, not because I'm to blame for them but because they're regrettable and no one else is regretting them."

Oct 30, 2016:
"Never taking a chance is a way of losing without ever have a chance of winning."

Oct 29, 2016:
"No matter how you rush about, you will notice at the end of the day that you traveled at the speed of time."

Oct 28, 2016:
"The older I get, the less time I want to spend with the part of the human race that didn't marry me."

Oct 27, 2016:
"No matter the political system, its end is always its own preservation and its means is always you."

Oct 26, 2016:
"Some, fearing reality, retreat into their imagination, but most, fearing their imagination, retreat in to reality."

Oct 25, 2016:
"Sometimes the wisest thing to do is to just sit back and let people come to their senses."

Oct 24, 2016:
"We lack resolve and blame fate, mistaking the drift for the tides."

Oct 23, 2016:
It's a bit too late, after you say  "I love you", to start parsing out the things you didn't mean by it.

Oct 22, 2016:
"As important as keeping a grasp on reality is keeping a grasp on possibility."

Oct 21, 2016:
"There are situations you need to talk through and situations where you need to be through talking."

Oct 20, 2016:
"There are two things to know about happiness -- it comes at a price, and you have already paid it."

Oct 19, 2016:
"Making a different mistake every day is not only acceptable, it's the definition of progress."

Oct 18, 2016:
"You get hold of your life when you stop blaming yourself for stuff that happened and start blaming yourself for stuff that's about to."

Oct 17, 2016:
"Always seems like you're losin',
 But when it's all done,
 If you still have each other,
 By golly you won."

Oct 16, 2016:
"It is rare that we accomplish anything meaningful in life without forfeiting our deposit on something less."

Oct 15, 2016:
"The only thing known for certain about the next life is that you get there ahead of your luggage."

Oct 14, 2016:
"So it turns out that all those years they were calling you a dim bulb, they meant you were efficient."

Oct 13, 2016:
"I am not your dog, but if you gave me a backrub every time you saw me, I would run to greet you, too."

Oct 12, 2016:
"The object of most prayers is to wangle an advance on good intentions."

Oct 11, 2016:
"Optimism is a brimming confidence that tomorrow will bring a reason for optimism."

Oct 10, 2016:
"It is a rare sinner who does not know in advance who his forgivers will be."

Oct 9, 2016:
"All human progress is owed to a few individuals who believed that if it ain't broke, you fix it anyway."

Oct 8, 2016:
"You can as easily love without trusting as you can hug without embracing."

Oct 7, 2016:
"It is not given to the human heart to love less in order to love equally."

Oct 6, 2016:
"No one ever fell in love for the purpose of debating the wisdom of the move."

Oct 5, 2016:
"We never break a promise and deny we broke it.  We break a promise and deny we made it."

Oct 4, 2016:
"There is no bridge to excellence.  It is a tightrope you walk over an ever-looming tumble into the ordinary."

Oct 3, 2016:
"It is a missed opportunity not to idle away the few precious moments of life allotted for that purpose."

Oct 2, 2016:
"It is sad to lose someone who understands you -- and rare that anyone else understands your loss."

Oct 1, 2016:
"Meanwhile, in the USA, the phrase, "Never in a million years" is down to its last 38 days."

Sep 30, 2016:
"Do things while you can and while they matter to you, because neither is a permanent state of affairs."

Sep 29, 2016:
"It is hard to argue with someone who sees 2 + 2 = 4 as one school of thought."

Sep 28, 2016:
"I am motivated less by people urging me to do the right thing than by people who know that I will.."

Sep 27, 2016:
"The optimist believes in a just God, not because it is the only conceivable faith but because it is the only conceivable reason for optimism."

Sep 26, 2016:
"To be sane is to realize that there are parts of the mind one cannot enter with any hope of returning."

Sep 25, 2016:
"Perhaps the Creator knew this -- that we would never fully reveal ourselves in prayer to someone we were absolutely sure existed."

Sep 24, 2016:
"If there's a lesson in history, it is that fear of the unknown has never stood a chance against the fear of not knowing."

Sep 23, 2016:
"You tell your dog something, who tells another dog, who tells another dog, and it can be hilarious the way it comes out."

Sep 22, 2016:
"Say what you want about marriage, it's still the best-known cure for unnecessary conversation."

Sep 21, 2016:
"You can accept reality without believing every yarn it spins."

Sep 20, 2016:
"One thing an adult can learn from a child is when to pick up your marbles and go home."

Sep 19, 2016:
"Anything in a relationship that ever mattered has a way of still mattering."

Sep 18, 2016:
"Whatever life is, it is not a test to see how quickly you can attain your dream by spending your every waking hour on something else."

Sep 17, 2016:
"You only get one life, assuming it's still the same life the 4th or 5th time you've pieced it all back together."

Sep 16, 2016:
"The reason we blame the messenger is that the messenger always seems to be enjoying it so much."

Sep 15, 2016:
"It is true of most human beings that if they had no physical body, they would still have an identifying scar."

Sep 14, 2016:
"You can let yourself feel offended, belittled, snubbed -- there's always cause for it.  There just isn't time for it."

Sep 13, 2016:
"You can trust again after doubting, but it is harder to trust again after being certain."

Sep 12, 2016:
"Tell me what you have come to believe, but spare me, please, what you have always believed."

Sep 11, 2016:
"If today you can't be anything else to anyone, you can be the passing stranger who nodded hello."

Sep 10, 2016:
A question to always ask yourself before voting is: "Would I ever want to find myself at this person's mercy?"

Sep 9, 2016:
"The problem with putting off things you've always wanted to do is that eventually you run out of always."

Sep 8, 2016:
"There can be heroism in the moment, but courage is always in the day-to-day."

Sep 7, 2016:
"There is no sadder regret than to realize that what you asked of life was never sufficient to make you happy."

Sep. 6, 2016:
"Sadly, even the best of relationships end -- a reason to always keep on hand a bottle of champagne and two glasses."