Archive Of Today's Thoughts

These are my daily thoughts from the past twelve months.  A sampling of the previous nine years can be found in the sidebar collections.  The full nine years are contained in My Books.

Jul 19, 2019:
"To accept reality is to accept the furniture, not necessarily the current arrangement."

Jul 18, 2019:
"There is a tendency to treat unjustly those whose only crime is that we have treated them unjustly."

Jul 17, 2019:
"The illusion that love weaves is not just that your partner is perfect but that you are perfectible."

Jul 16, 2019:
"Never postpone taking a vacation thinking you won't get another chance to postpone taking a vacation."

Jul 15, 2019:
"Occasionally it's good to devote a day to letting someone who wants to make you happy have a go at it."

Jul 14, 2019:
"Some people will always allow themselves to be happy, while others will always be standing in line for the permit."

Jul 13, 2019:
"So often what we take as a kindness is just someone acting in his or her capacity as a human being."

Jul 12, 2019:
"What can one person do?  One person can prove false the notion that nobody cares."

Jul 11, 2019:
"One challenge of our times is to remember which subject you must never bring up in the presence of which friend."

Jul 10, 2019:
"Of what satisfaction is a houseful of things if none of them greets you as you walk thought the front door?"

Jul 9, 2019:
"What we never see in a mirror is the smile that greets our friends or the blush that welcomes our lover."

Jul 8, 2019:
"You can get so busy overcoming the obstacles in your path that you fail to ask the obvious question, "Why did I think this was a path?" 

Jul 7, 2019:
"So often we change a thing for the sake of change when we might better have let it be for the sake of letting be."

Jul 6, 2019:
"The challenge of every day is to establish some relationship between what you want from life and your Daily Planner." 

Jul 5, 2019:
"Why do I sometimes let my emotions get the better of me?   For the same reason I let it rain last Tuesday." 

Jul 4, 2019:
"No matter what you accomplish in life, a part of you still sits at a curbside, still hearing the drumbeat of a distant parade, still waiting for it to turn the corner." 

Jul 3, 2019:
"I have been humbled by praise, and I have been humbled by whiffing on the first tee, and, I dunno, it's different." 

Jul 2, 2019:
"What would I do with 15 minutes of fame?  Seek a secluded spot and hope to ride it out." 

Jul 1, 2019:
"There are few decisions man has made about animal welfare where it wouldn't have more judicial to recuse himself." 

Jun 30, 2019:
"The tricky thing about cowardice is that it loves to pose as the common sense thing to do." 

Jun 29, 2019:
"We are born with an instinct for self-preservation, the purpose of life being to find a motive for it." 

Jun 28, 2019:
"Set your hopes for the young no higher than your example." 

Jun 27, 2019:
"One of life's regrets is how few goodbyes you say compared to the number of people you never see again." 

Jun 26, 2019:
"Few are humble, for it requires a self-esteem that few possess." 

Jun 25, 2019:
                           On Searching For Happiness

"How little you know
As you follow its track
How much of the search
Will be circling back." 

Jun 24, 2019:
"The surest way to become the person you were meant to be is to take upon yourself to mean it." 

Jun 23, 2019:
"You have to believe there's a little good in everyone, although it is startling, sometimes, just how little." 

Jun 22, 2019:
"The difference between chance and destiny is that chance is more likely to be chiseled in stone." 

Jun 21, 2019:
"We are all multiple personalities, sanity being the knack of settling on one spokesperson." 

Jun 20, 2019:
"If you have to get down on your knees to beg for justice, what will you do for mercy?" 

Jun 19, 2019:
"Nothing supports evil like the assumption of good people that there is some sort of line it will not cross." 

Jun 18, 2019:
"The principal social grace is to just find the other person interesting." 

Jun 17, 2019:
"No one lacks a hope and a prayer who somewhere has a mom still praying and a dad still hoping." 

Jun 16, 2019:
"Once there was a world where people lived and died and everything they thought was their fault went right on happening." 

Jun 15, 2019:
"I like friends who, when you tell them you need a moment alone, know enough not to stray too far." 

Jun 14, 2019:
"You pass them every day on the street -- people who have settled for life, liberty and the pursuit of can't-complain." 

Jun 13, 2019:
"If you only believe what you know for sure, you sadly underestimate the possibilities of belief."

Jun 12, 2019:
I see the smiling faces in old family photos, and I'm thinking there ought to be a caption: "Based on what we knew at the time."

Jun 11, 2019:
"There is no such thing as a list of reasons.  There is either one sufficient reason or a list of excuses."

Jun 10, 2019:
"Is it so much that love asks -- that one day you be its strength and the next day its babe-in-arms?"

Jun 9, 2019:
"Do things while you can and while they matter to you, because neither is a permanent state of affairs."

Jun 8, 2019:
"Never expect that a list of insufficient reasons is going to eventually come to a good one."

Jun 7, 2019:
There are people who never say, "In my opinion... ."  They say, "The reality is... ." when the reality is, it's their opinion.

Jun 6, 2019:
"There is no human weakness so universal that it cannot be made an unforgivable sin by calling it betrayal."

Jun 5, 2019:
"No, I don't think the U.S. is bordering on madness.  I think Canada and Mexico are."

Jun 4, 2019:
"It is a trick of memory to recall choices we never had and alternatives that never existed."

Jun 3, 2019:
"One of the harder things we do as parents is to allow our kids their disappointments."

Jun 2, 2019:
"There are times in a loving relationship when the band plays, but mostly you dance to a remembered tune."

Jun 1, 2019:
"You pass them every day on the street -- people older and wiser keeping promises made when they were young and foolish."

May 31, 2019:
Said of a couple I know:  "Sometimes, when they needed the counsel of an impartial third party, they would take a stroll together on the beach and tell it to the sea."

May 30, 2019:
"The first thing to learn about the art of conversation is that you are not the other person's favorite subject."

May 29, 2019:
"Nothing makes a good first impression like some visible evidence that you are trying to do so."

May 28, 2019:
"I guess if I had it to do again, I'd give things a little more time -- and people a little more space."

May 27, 2019:
We honor today those who kept their end of a sacred trust. We must now ask ourselves, "Will we keep ours?"

May 26, 2019:
"One shudders to think -- which is probably why so many people have given it up."

May 25, 2019:
"There can be heroism in the moment, but courage is always in the day-to-day."

May 24, 2019:
"It doesn't matter that you pretend, provided you keep up the pretense when others are counting on it."

May 23, 2019:
"Before you criticize a boastful person, remember -- it's hard to be humble when no one is proud of you."

May 22, 2019:
"If you would sow the seeds of faith among the doubtful, you must first sow the seeds of doubt among the certain."

May 21, 2019:
"To spread your belief, you must exude your belief.  It is not enough that people hear it from you; they must catch it from you."

May 20, 2019:
"Of course I doubt.  I do not practice a certainty.  I practice a faith."

May 19, 2019:
"If there's one thing we can learn from evil, it is to have greater faith in what one person can do."

May 18, 2019:
"A rule I try to follow is to never let my day be ruined by something that wouldn't matter to me otherwise."

May 17, 2019:
"There are people who never learn, one of the rare instances where it's safe to say never."

May 16, 2019:
"There are times when one must tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or be held in contempt of marriage."

May 15, 2019:
"Occasionally it's good to devote a day to letting someone who wants to make you happy have a go at it."

May 14, 2019:
"The most important lesson life can teach us is how to recognize our last chance."

May 13, 2019:
"They say it's never too late, but sometimes it is, and you have to wait a day or two before it isn't again."

May 12, 2019:
"What is a mom but the sunshine of our days and the north star of our nights."

May 11, 2019:
Hide and Seek

A mother always counts to ten,
And never, never peeks,
But always knows just where you hide,
And there she never seeks,
Until the very nick of time,
Lest tears run down your cheeks.

May 10, 2019:
"I guess I have never doubted that we are each born to our guardian angel."

May 9, 2019:
"Nothing brings people together like having the same deck stacked against them."

May 8, 2019:
Whenever I see a lost person and think, "There but for the grace of God go I,"  I realize that the grace of God was my mom.

May 7, 2019:
"Life is short, except for the endless hours -- and long, except for the fleeting years."

May 6, 2019:
"An old family photo... this still moment in time... this moment when there was still time."

May 5, 2019:
"The hardest thing about reshaping minds is getting to them before the cement dries."

May 4, 2019:
"Sorrow differs from happiness in that it is recognizable while in progress."

May 3, 2019:
"If it's justice you want, blame those responsible.  If it's action you want, blame yourself."

May 2, 2019:
"Why chase a hopeless dream?  Maybe for the dream, maybe for the chase, maybe to meet another hopeless dreamer."

May 1, 2019:
"I would gladly go back and travel the road not taken, if I knew at the end of it I'd find the same set of grandkids."

Apr 30, 2019:
"Most of us never achieve the happiness we dreamed of, having exchanged it for a happiness we never dreamed of."

Apr 29, 2019:
"If I had it to do over, there'd be a hand I'd take and a silence I'd break."

Apr 28, 2019:
"Mom -- the person most likely to write an autobiography and never mention herself."

Apr 27, 2019:
"Is it worth it, I wonder, to spend your life climbing the social ladder in order to hobnob with people who got there by helicopter?"

Apr 26, 2019:
"Happiness always looks like risk -- and unhappiness like safety."

Apr 25, 2019:
"The hardest thing about accepting reality is keeping current."

Apr 24, 2019:
"Time -- that which heals all wounds, reveals all lies and rights all wrongs.  In other words, retires all politicians."

Apr 23, 2019:
"Called to do good, I protest that I am but one person.  Tempted to do evil, I reckon I can handle it myself."

Apr 22, 2019:
"The promise to love forever is always based on the merest taste of love and the tiniest sampling of forever."

Apr 21, 2019:

One Morning

One morning, in a spring that seemed
forever dark and drear,
the sun was on the meadow,
and a fragrance filled the air,
and those who had succumbed to thoughts
of sadness and despair
were caught again, as usual,
completely unaware.

Apr 20, 2019:
"You can as easily accept Christ and ignore His teachings as you can accept the Ten Commandments and ignore the Shalt Nots."

Apr 19, 2019:
Good Friday, and again we're reminded never to lose hope -- or at least give it the weekend."

Apr 18, 2019:
"To some, God is the final explanation that explains everything.  To others, God is the final mystery that explains everything else."

Apr 17, 2019:
"One thing that varies from person to person is how many times you must do the same fool thing before you learn not to do it twice."

Apr 16, 2019:
"Shall I regret a dream that never came true -- or shall I be grateful for the dream?"

Apr 15, 2019:
"You don't wake up one morning believing in miracles.  It comes gradually -- from following the clues and keeping an open mind to the forensics."

Apr 14, 2019:
Over the years there is a transformation in one's sense of duty.  At first we say, "It's my duty."  Then we say, "Just doing my job." Then we say, "It's my pleasure."

Apr 13, 2019:
"The human species is made up of seven billion subspecies, each consisting of one specimen."

Apr 12, 2019:
"In the end there is just one marriage vow, and that is to be the person someone thinks they're marrying."

Apr 11, 2019:
"The past is but memories / The future but dreams / Only the present / Is just what it seems."

Apr 10, 2019:
"It is sufficient challenge for any day to live up to your dog's opinion of you -- and maybe pleasantly surprise your cat."

Apr 9, 2019:
"Each morning I wake up with pretty much the same thought -- how can I can better results from waking up?"

Apr 8, 2019:
"There are people who refuse to believe a miracle, even when they witness it with their own two miracle deniers."

Apr 7, 2019:
Tribute to a single mom:  "The best friend I ever had was not trying to be my friend; she was trying to be my dad."

Apr 6, 2019:
"Perhaps the marriage vows could use a promise of a little conversation at dinner and an occasional stroll together at sunset."

Apr 5, 2019:
"What can you do as just one person?  You can prove false the notion that nobody cares."

Apr 4, 2019:
"If you had a choice, and you do, would you choose a lifetime of feeling entitled or feeling blessed?

Apr 3, 2019:
"Of what use is freedom of choice if you always choose freedom and never choose choice?"

Apr 2, 2019:
"To know exactly what you want from life is to become a magnet to everyone who doesn't."

Apr 1, 2019:
"No matter what it is, it is always better to discover it yourself than have it brought to your attention."

Mar 31, 2019:
"Time -- that which heals all sorrows, reveals all lies and overripens all bananas."

Mar 30, 2019:
"Love is at first a set of romantic fancies, which, as the years go by, you discard like training wheels, and you learn to love truly."

Mar 29, 2019:
Never say "I love you" if there's something you don't mean by it.

Mar 28, 2019:
"There is a child in every one of us, not always accompanied by an adult."

Mar 27, 2019:
"You make a difference in the world not merely by raising yourself above the average but by raising the average."

Mar 26, 2019:
"Life is a collection of moments that you might have appreciated more if you had only known they were moments."

Mar 25, 2019:
"No one who has been a wanderer in this world has ever confused it with traveling."

Mar 24, 2019:
"You don't take over a room by making everyone in it feel small; you take over a room by making everyone in it feel noticed."

Mar 23, 2019:
"The one chance to repair a reputation for dishonesty is while you are the only one who knows about it."

Mar 22, 2019:
"It helps when the solemn vows two people exchange at the altar are something they already shook hands on."

Mar 21, 2019:
"Every good speech contains a summary that would have made a great speech."

Mar 20, 2019:
"Actually you can change the past.  There are many ways to do it -- by apology, by atonement, by admission, and that's just the a's."

Mar 19, 2019:
"The people who care about you are not trying to discourage you; they are trying to protect you from disappointment.  You must appreciate them, and, of course, ignore them."

Mar 18, 2019:
"We realize we can't have everything, and so begins the mad dash to have everything else."

Mar 17, 2019:
"One difference between good and evil is that evil never requires payments in the first year."

Mar 16, 2019:
"I've learned this -- that it is impossible to understand any human being using just what you know about them."

Mar 15, 2019:
"What to do with your one life?  The same thing you would do if you had two lives and this were the second."

Mar 14, 2019:
"It is unlikely that any of us was born to find out what someone else would do if they were us."

Mar 13, 2019:
"If you could apply for a life of ease, what exactly would you state as the purpose of your request?"

Mar 12, 2019:
"Nostalgia is not so much the memory of better times as of higher hopes."

Mar 11, 2019:
"The hardest thing about finding real happiness is leaving behind something that seemed like it."

Mar 10, 2019:
"By all means, accept reality -- but be sure to subscribe to the monthly updates."

Mar 9, 2019:
"I don't think that anyone wants to be unhappy.  It is just something you become comfortable with -- and good at."

Mar 8, 2019:
"The hardest thing asked of us in a loving relationship is to trust after having been certain."

Mar 7, 2019:
Before you say to me, "There is no easy way to tell you this," understand that I am willing to wait until there is.

Mar 6, 2019:
"As for pondering the meaning of life, I'm still pondering the meaning of meaning."

Mar 5, 2019:
"Nothing is so underrated as the independent streak it takes to be a normal, everyday person."

Mar 4, 2019:
"Sometimes the way we make a difference in the world is by helping to keep some good thing exactly the same."

Mar 3, 2019:
"It always seems that we would be happier in some faraway place, as if you could hop a plane to a state of mind."

Mar 2, 2019:
"Somewhere in everyone's family tree are two people who never should have got married and never should have had kids."

Mar 1, 2019:
"If you spend your days waiting for a chance, you are spending your chance waiting."

Feb 28, 2019:
"The first step toward finding the one answer is to see it all as one mystery."

Feb 27, 2019:
"There are secrets we keep even from our life's partner, who, of course, secretly knows them all."

Feb 26, 2019:
"It takes a keen eye, sometimes, to see the beauty that lies hidden beneath the layers of trying to look young."

Feb 25, 2019:
"A salute today to every blameless person who ever took the blame in order to just get on with it."

Feb 24, 2019:
"It is seldom a good idea to have a stubbornness contest with someone who inherited your stubbornness gene."

Feb 23, 2019:
"For every person who was ever loved too much, there was someone who couldn't love enough."

Feb 22, 2019:
"Head always in the direction of your dream, and don't listen to anyone who passes you, headed back."

Feb 21, 2019:
"A best friend is not someone who badgers you to become a better person.  A best friend is someone who prefers you to better people."

Feb 20, 2019:
"Actions have consequences, often mistaken for a run of bad luck."

Feb 19, 2019:
"Hope is not a plan, but without it, nothing else is a plan, either."

Feb 18, 2019:
"An apology is that rare obligation that has no due date.  If it is owed, it is due.  And if it is due, it is overdue."

Feb 17, 2019:
"Never mind that your actions seem hopeless.  Act nevertheless, for you have a greater ability to act than to judge hopelessness."

Feb 16, 2019:
"To the coward, there is no such thing as cowardice -- it is all excuse.  To the brave, there is no such thing as bravery -- it is all duty."

Feb 15, 2019:
"Nothing is so underestimated as the collateral good done by simple people seeking their own honest ends."

Feb 14, 2019:
It's a simple sentiment, "I love you," and yet so hard sometimes to get the wording right.

Feb 13, 2019:
"Sometimes two people stay together for the sake of the kids -- two kids who sat under a full moon and pledged to be forever true."

Feb 12, 2019:
"Occasionally the people in our lives who don't need an invitation need to be reminded that they don't."

Feb 11, 2019:
"The only thing that can ruin the memory of shared times, no matter how hard the times, is the discovery that they weren't shared."

Feb 10, 2019:
Overheard at a cocktail party: "I don't quite remember who you are, but I remember being delighted to make your acquaintance."

Feb 9, 2019:
"You wonder sometimes if remaining ignorant in the Information Age is an art or a skill."

Feb 8, 2019:
"The introvert and the extrovert have this in common -- that each mistakenly believes they are the center of attention."

Feb 7, 2019:
"No one falls in love for the purpose of proving how smart they are, although, often, that is exactly what it proves."

Feb 6, 2019:
"The goal for any day is to give that which needs attention enough attention and that which needs leaving alone enough leaving alone."

Feb 5, 2019:
I had a dream.  It was Judgment, and God said to me, "Before you blame your parents, I should tell you that they're already in heaven."

Feb 4, 2019:
"Only a man is allowed to give up.  There is always someone for whom a woman must carry on."

Feb 3, 2019:
"The key to compassion is to realize that everyone you meet is a set of extenuating circumstances."

Feb 2, 2019:
"You can complain of family and friends taking you for granted -- or you can make it your achievement and your happiness."

Feb 1, 2019:
"The problem, in a busy life, is that opportunity always knocks at an inopportune moment."

Jan 31, 2019:
"Never be surprised if what must inevitably happen happens today."

Jan 30, 2019:
"It is a mercy that the things we do in our youth to ruin our lives have so little youth to work with."

Jan 29, 2019:
"Who does not wish to be beautiful and clever and rich and to have back in old age the time spent trying to be any of them."

Jan 28, 2019:
"Perhaps optimism is a rosy interpretation of the facts -- or perhaps optimism is a factual interpretation of the rose."

Jan 27, 2019:
"God created an endless day with intervals of light and darkness.  It is the optimist who created tomorrow."

Jan 26, 2019:
"The surest sign that you're on the right path is that you like the company you're keeping."

Jan 25, 2019:
"Two people can have a middling day, but one rounds up and the other rounds down."

Jan 24, 2019:
"Politics is a game of chess, and what you know about a game of chess is that the pawns will be sacrificed."

Jan 23, 2019:
"You try to raise kids secure in your love and certain of their next meal, which, let's face it, doesn't leave you a lot of bargaining chips."

Jan 22, 2019:
"Many pray to God, but few pray to God for the purpose of getting a different opinion."

Jan 21, 2019:
"The difference between a miracle and luck is that you can have luck without believing in it."

Jan 20, 2019:
"The time to wonder if you're doing the right thing is when it seems to be getting easier."

Jan 19, 2019:
"One proof that you're still learning is that there is something you recently unlearned."

Jan 18, 2019:
"Whether a relationship begins by fate or chance, it nearly always endures by second chance."

Jan 17, 2019:
"You can hold beliefs that give you an unearned advantage in life, but, please, don't go around calling them principles."

Jan 16, 2019:
"The hope in a two-party system is that the 2 + 2 = 3 party and the 2 + 2 = 5 party can work out a compromise."

Jan 15, 2019:
"To know the innermost fears of anyone is to know the innermost fears of everyone."

Jan 14, 2019:
"I remember a different time -- when if you did what was clearly and morally right, you didn't have to explain your reasoning."

Jan 13, 2019:
"You complain of the passing years, but then you look in a mirror and realize that very few of them actually got past."

Jan 12, 2019:
"Nothing lasts forever, although it is hard to think of a human emotion that doesn't assume something will."

Jan 11, 2019:
"We each have two reputations -- the one by which we are known to the world and the one by which we are known to ourselves. There is still time to repair the second." 

Jan 10, 2019:
"The thing most missed from childhood days is the ability to recognize happiness while in progress." 

Jan 9, 2019:
"There are days when your life seems like a furniture arrangement where everything is where you told the delivery guy to leave it for now." 

Jan 8, 2019:
"Every family has arguments that scare the dog.  The concern is when they alarm the cat." 

Jan 7, 2019:
"There is no limit to what one person can do, which is fortunate, because that is who most of us are." 

Jan 6, 2019:
"The brain forgets much, but the lower back remembers everything." 

Jan 5, 2019:
"At some point you have to decide if you want to be a success or just someone who was never to blame for anything going wrong." 

Jan 4, 2019:
"We find in ourselves the strength to overcome every obstacle, which is a good thing, because we also find in ourselves every obstacle." 

Jan 3, 2019:
"Ah, yes, the real you -- someone you briefly were before common sense prevailed." 

Jan 2, 2019:
"I have come to believe this about self-esteem -- that a false sense of it is better than none." 

Jan 1, 2019:
"New Year's Day -- a good time to list all the things you regularly do for which there was once a good reason." 

Dec 31, 2018:
No matter what you accomplish in life, a part of you still sits at a curbside, still hearing the drumbeat of a distant parade, still waiting for it to turn the corner." 

Dec 30, 2018:
Too often the answer to the question, "What in God's name were you thinking?" is that you weren't thinking in God's name.

Dec 29, 2018:
"The mind is an exclusive club, a new belief admitted only on the recommendation of a present member."

Dec 28, 2018:
"It's a funny thing -- nostalgia.  It's like seeing an R-rated movie and recalling only the preview approved for all audiences."

Dec 27, 2018:
"Every great achievement can be traced to a dream, a plan and an underestimate."

Dec 26, 2018:
"As you wait for better days, don't forget to enjoy today, in case they've already started."

Dec 25, 2018:
"Once, in a far corner of a vast, empty universe, there was a tiny planet, orbited by a sleigh and eight miniature reindeer."

Dec 21, 2018:
The question, "How would my being there help?" is best answered by going there and finding out.

Dec 20, 2018:
"Our lead story today is that 99% of the world's population went honestly about its business.  In other news..."

Dec 19, 2018:
"Don't know about you, but I have such a great set of New Year's resolutions this year that I can hardly wait for January 1."

Dec 18, 2018:
"The time to question your sanity is not when everything seems out of whack but when everything seems to be in perfectly normal whack."

Dec 17, 2018:
"Occasionally it's good to pause, take a moment and inventory all the things in your life that are just fine."

Dec 16, 2018:
"There is no law that says the things that make your day can't be every bit as trivial as the things that ruin it."

Dec 15, 2018:
"An easy life is never so fondly recalled as the happy moments of a hard one."

Dec 14, 2018:
"One day in your life's journey, you come to a fork in the road, and you choose one of two paths, only to realize that you chose unwisely.  So you retrace your steps to the fork in the road, and there lie two paths, and it is the choice you make then that shapes your life."

Dec 13, 2018:
It's a tricky word -- "everybody."  When you hear, "Everybody's doing it," it never includes you, and when you think, "Everybody knows that," it never includes anybody else.

Dec 12, 2018:
"As a general guideline, if you aren't happy having enough, you won't be happier having more."

Dec 11, 2018:
"Nearly always, the person we think would be better off without us would be better off with a better us."

Dec 10, 2018:
"Sometimes, making ourselves happy is just a case of wanting to make someone happy and taking the path of least resistance."

Dec 9, 2018:
"I'm not sure I believe in fate or destiny -- but chance?  I don't believe chance just happens."

Dec 8, 2018:
"Never mind what the world expects of you.  It is too low a standard to be concerned about."

Dec 7, 2018:
"Sometimes there are no words to say, and all you can do as a friend is to show up and not say them."

Dec 6, 2018:
"You don't become beautiful in someone's eyes by being beautiful but by finding the right someone."

Dec 5, 2018:
"Happiness?  Simple, really.  You don't let short-term concerns ruin your life, and you don't let long-term concerns ruin your day."

Dec 4, 2018:
"One indication that something you did was kind and considerate is that it didn't cost you anything."

Dec 3, 2018:
"It's a risky chance -- living a life of sin and planning to repent on your deathbed, but it's probably a better chance than living a life of penance and planning to sin on your deathbed."

Dec 2, 2018:
"It is a rare marriage that celebrates the anniversary of only one promise."

Dec 1, 2018:
"There are tragedies in life that change us forever, the person we once were mistakenly listed among the survivors."

Nov 30, 2018:
"It is possible, I think, to become the person you were born to be and decide you can do better."

Nov 29, 2018:
"There was once a different time, when a moment of civility did not catch you so completely by surprise."

Nov 28, 2018:
"Each day, awakening, are we asked to paint the sky blue?  Need we coax the sun to rise or flowers to bloom?  Need we teach birds to sing or children to laugh?  No, though we think the world imperfect, it surrounds us each day with its perfections.  We are not asked to create a perfect world.  We are asked only to live in harmony with it."

Nov 27, 2018:
"It is unlikely that a child taught to distrust others will make an exception of the teacher."

Nov 26, 2018:
"One advantage of having lived a few years is knowing when some cutting-edge new idea won't work because it never has."

Nov 25, 2018:
"There is no bridge to excellence.  It is a tightrope you walk over a sheer and sudden drop into the ordinary."

Nov 24, 2018:
"There is a cherished moment in memory when you were young... and love was new... and your partner was perfect... and you were perfectible."

Nov 23, 2018:
"It is a perverse cynicism that robs the younger generation of its wealth, unfunds its education, pollutes its environment and then loses all hope for it."

Nov 22, 2018:
"Lord, we gather as a family to thank Thee for all Thy blessings, most especially for making us this family and granting us this gathering."

Nov 21, 2018:
"The thing about people who understand you is that when they are gone, you can still visit them, and they still understand you."

Nov 20, 2018:
"The idea that nobody cares is always based on an insufficient sampling."

Nov 19, 2018:
"Sometimes the search for happiness takes us down a familiar street to an old address."

Nov 18, 2018:
"Yes, people we love die, but it is either that or people dying unloved."

Nov 17, 2018:
"Nothing challenges your hopes for the human race like meeting someone to whom everything makes perfect sense."

Nov 16, 2018:
"I would tell you the secret to success if I knew what part of getting up, dressed and out the door every day was a secret."

Nov 15, 2018:
"A shattered dream is like broken glass -- a stray piece is always turning up somewhere."

Nov 14, 2018:
"What a unique treasure are the things we have learned to live without, for no one can take them from us."

Nov 13, 2018:
"We envy others, for we see their lives in broad outline, while forced to live ours in every detail."

Nov 12, 2018:
"We never forget our lost opportunities.  It is the memory of our excuses we would have had to get down in writing."

Nov 11, 2018:
"There is hope for a country whose veterans still wave its flag and wear with pride its badges of honor."

Nov 10, 2018:
"It is a common misperception that people who lie and cheat to get what they want know what they want."

Nov 9, 2018:
"The problem with trying to disguise our age to preserve our youth is that our age is so often better looking."

Nov 8, 2018:
The trouble with settling for "good enough" is that it's so hard to distinguish it from "almost good enough."

Nov 7, 2018:
"I have rarely heard anything described as part of a larger plan that didn't make me wish there were a smaller plan."

Nov 6, 2018:
"The promise to love forever is always based on the merest taste of love and the tiniest sampling of forever."

Nov 5, 2018:
A question I always ask myself before voting is this:  "Would I ever want to find myself at this person's mercy?"

Nov 4, 2018:
"You never have a list of reasons.  You either have one good reason or a list of excuses."

Nov 3, 2018:

"It is no secret but worth repeating.  At the core of all prejudice lies self-loathing.  At the heart of all tolerance lies self-esteem."

Nov 2, 2018:
"I have learned to give people the benefit of the doubt, because, to be honest, I don't know a lot of people who have benefited from my certainty."

Nov 1, 2018:
There are times when you just have to look in the mirror and say, "I will if you will."

Oct 31, 2018:
"Of what use to get what you want in life if you must become someone else to get it?"

Oct 30, 2018:
"The first step toward finding the one answer is to see it all as one mystery."

Oct 29, 2018:
"Actions have consequences, often mistaken for evil forces conspiring against us."

Oct 28, 2018:
"What every clever liar eventually discovers is that telling the truth would not only have been more honest but more clever."

Oct 27, 2018:
"We are, in the course of a lifetime, many different people occupying the same body, not all familiar with the etiquette of time-sharing."

Oct 26, 2018:
"One advantage of silence over words is that there's a wider range of things you can claim you didn't mean by it."

Oct 25, 2018:
"There is a difference between not knowing because you never asked, not hearing because you never listened, not seeing because you looked away -- and not being responsible."

Oct 24, 2018:
"There are two parts to moving on in life -- living to tell about it and never speaking of it again."

Oct 23, 2018:
"It's frustrating when people don't understand you -- and even more frustrating when the people who understand you keep getting you all wrong"

Oct 22, 2018:
"There are personal secrets I would not reveal under torture.  There would have to be a silence at a cocktail party, or you would have to be sitting next to me in tourist class."

Oct 21, 2018:
"Some, tired of wondering, turn to faith for answers.  Others, tired of answers, turn to faith for wonder."

Oct 20, 2018:
"The best proof that you are still capable of learning is that there is something you recently unlearned."

Oct 19, 2018:
"The surest way to remove the clutter from your life is to leave the clutter where it is and put yourself out on the curb."

Oct 18, 2018:
"The person we often forget to thank for our success is the person who never offered us less."

Oct 17, 2018:
"Achievement is nearly always a mosaic, patched together by picking up the pieces."

Oct 16, 2018:
"I wonder what people might think of me, but mostly I wonder what would make them start."

Oct 15, 2018:
"Ah, yes, good versus evil -- good offering the greater reward, evil the shorter wait."

Oct 14, 2018:
"Life is a series of paths you don't know you're choosing... decisions you don't know you're making... farewells you don't know you're saying."

Oct 13, 2018:
"You start becoming the person you're intended to be on the day you start intending it."

Oct 12, 2018:
"Never mind the value of Granddad's dollar in today's money.  What about the value of Granddad's word in today's morals?"

Oct 11, 2018:
"In the end it's all about faith, for without faith there would be no hope, and without hope there would be no charity."

Oct 10, 2018:
"There is a reason for everything, if you don't absolutely insist that it be adequate."

Oct 9, 2018:
"Once you see yourself as a victim of circumstance, the supply of circumstances becomes infinite."

Oct 8, 2018:
"If I had my life to live over, I would decide at an earlier age that life is too short to drink cheap wine."

Oct 7, 2018:
"It's never fun, but sometimes you must lose a battle to know you're on the right side."

Oct 6, 2018:
"There is an inclination to treat unjustly those whose only crime is that we have treated them unjustly."

Oct 5, 2018:
"Essential to happiness is the ability to discard one's regrets once they have served their purpose."

Oct 4, 2018:
"You can charge boldly ahead and trust to fortune, or you can take small daily steps and trust to inevitability."

Oct 3, 2018:
"Life is probably the best test ever designed to find out who your friends are."

Oct 2, 2018:
"The way rabbits multiply, you'd think they were part birthday candle."

Oct 1, 2018:
"Only in the play world of a child's imagination is there a logical reason for everything."

Sep 30, 2018:
"Most of what we know of the human soul goes by the name of music appreciation."

Sep 29, 2018:
"There are few complete victories in life.  We advance by half-step, succeed by partial success."

Sep 28, 2018:
"Once there were kings and queens, and we were all subjects.  Now there are politicians, and we are all objects."

Sep 27, 2018:
"You don't have to be an optimist to know that many a bright day hides in a morning mist."

Sep 26, 2018:
"A political party is like any other clever conspiracy.  The people it conspires against think they are part of it.

Sep 25, 2018:
"As between God, country and apple pie, politicians have done the least harm in the name of apple pie.

Sep 24, 2018:
"What matters is how we treat each other as individuals, never mind that we despair of each other as a species."

Sep 23, 2018:
"Never be more insistent until you have tried being less insistent."

Sep 22, 2018:
"You hate to give evil a motive, seeing what it does with just opportunity."

Sep 21, 2018:
"Not everyone believes in prayer or miracles, but everyone, at some point, prays for a miracle."

Sep 20, 2018:
"Gratitude, respect, friendship -- funny how it's never called loyalty when there's actually a reason for it."

Sep 19, 2018:
"If you would spread your faith, you must exude your faith.  It is not enough that people hear it from you, they must catch it from you."

Sep 18, 2018:
So I said to myself, "There but for the grace of God, go I," only to realize that I was looking in a mirror and had seriously overestimated the grace of God.

Sep 17, 2018:
"You can plan a picnic, hoping for a sunny day, but sometimes a sunny day just pops up and requires your immediate attention."

Sep 16, 2018:
"Persuasion is the gentle art of planting a thought in someone's head just before it occurs to them." 

Sep 15, 2018:
"I refuse to regret based on what I know now, there being so much to regret based on what I knew then." 

Sep 14, 2018:
"It's not about finding fun things to do.  It's about finding someone in whose company, it's all fun." 

Sep 13, 2018:
"Most people who have an opinion about everything have actually just one opinion that applies to everything." 

Sep 12, 2018:
"There is a final stage in the relaxation of morals where everything is offensive but it doesn't offend anyone." 

Sep 11, 2018:
"You can live the same life happily, with acceptance, or sadly, with complaint." 

Sep 10, 2018:
"There is always in a trusting relationship a trap that was never sprung because it was never set." 

Sep 9, 2018:
"Sometimes you must take the single step that starts the journey to realize it is a journey of a single step." 

Sep 8, 2018:
"You can be sure that someone who ridicules others in your presence ridicules you in their presence." 

Sep 7, 2018:
"There is no bridge to excellence.  It is a tightrope you walk over a sheer and sudden drop into the ordinary." 

Sep 6, 2018:
"There can be heroism in the moment, but courage is always in the day-to-day." 

Sep 5, 2018:
"As important as keeping a grasp on reality is keeping a grasp on possibility." 

Sep 4, 2018:
"The ultimate regret is to realize that what you asked of life was never sufficient to make you happy." 

Sep 3, 2018:
"The thing about punctual people is that they are reliably punctual, whereas people who are always ten minutes late are never reliably ten minutes late." 

Sep 2, 2018:
"A good time to pause and reexamine your life is when you find yourself supporting the devil because he shares your values." 

Sep 1, 2018:
"There's a limit to how much you can change to be liked for who you really are." 

Aug 31, 2018:
"Let me put it this way -- nothing ever brings me back to reality that doesn't remind me why I left." 

Aug 30, 2018:
"I dunno, it just seems that God-fearing people don't fear God as much as they used to." 

Aug 29, 2018:
"A nod of recognition today to all the jobs that magically do themselves -- and to the women who do them." 

Aug 28, 2018:
"When I am gone, my love, do not look for me in the places we used to go to together.  Look for me in the places we always planned to go to together." 

Aug 27, 2018:
"No matter who you are, there is someone to love you, and for exactly the reasons no one ever could." 

Aug 26, 2018:
"The end of the world?  I suppose it's when there's no one left in your life to tell you it isn't." 

Aug 25, 2018:
"You can look ahead to happiness, and you look behind at it, but it's so hard to notice it to your left or right." 

Aug 24, 2018:
"Though you lose all hope, there is still hope -- and it loves to surprise."

Aug 23, 2018:
"You get to an age when no matter what happens, you wish someone would put a stop to it."

Aug 22, 2018:
"It is not unreasonable to have faith in that which is necessary for your happiness."

Aug 21, 2018:
"As a dispenser of goods and services, government is a vending machine that swallows every other quarter."

Aug 20, 2018:
"Life is a series of adult choices, most of which life will try to get you to make before age 21."

Aug 19, 2018:
"Never wonder if you did the best you could without allowing for the possibility that you did."

Aug 18, 2018:
"Another day, another chance that the happiness you don't dare to seek will wander into your comfort zone."

Aug 17, 2018:
"Just as darkness is the absence of light, ignorance is the absence of knowledge, and should not be mistaken for a point of view."

Aug 16, 2018:
"Do I believe in miracles?  Let me put it this way -- I believe in miracle workers."

Aug 15, 2018:
"So often the idea that something's stopping you is an obstacle illusion."

Aug 14, 2018:
"Pure evil does not present itself as evil but as purity."

Aug 13, 2018:
"You see three people together these days and you wonder if they're conspiring against the government -- and if not, why not?"

Aug 12, 2018:
"Be careful of what you become in order to acquire things, because one day the things you acquired will be gone, and you will be left only with what you've become." 

Aug 11, 2018:
"You can say that success is a matter of luck, but there are two kinds of luck --  the luck of the draw and the luck of taking the pot without showing your hand." 

Aug 10, 2018:
"I long ago decided to be a first-rate me, although being a second-rate somebody else might have paid better." 

Aug 9, 2018:
"The key to doing fun things in retirement is have a spouse who has already bought the tickets and already made the reservations." 

Aug 8, 2018:
"Love can be a certainty, or, more often, a trust, or, most often, a second chance." 

Aug 7, 2018:
"Life is short, but think how much shorter it would be if it didn't include things that can't possibly be happening." 

Aug 6, 2018:
"I am thankful for my dream -- that elusive butterfly I have chased all my life -- and thankful that it was elusive enough to last a lifetime." 

Aug 5, 2018:
"If you are not on your guard, putting on your unhappiness in the morning can become as instinctive as putting on your clothes." 

Aug 4, 2018:
"One common debate tactic that probably won't work on Judgment Day is to misquote the Sermon on the Mount." 

Aug 3, 2018:
A good friend is someone who can detect the cry for help in the words, "I'm okay." 

Aug 2, 2018:
"A rule I try to follow is to never let my day be ruined by something that wouldn't matter to me if it hadn't." 

Aug 1, 2018:
"Yes, commitment requires energy, but, fortunately, it is the best known source of it." 

Jul 31, 2018:
"You have to decide what your duty is, otherwise others will decide for you, and they will all be experts on the subject." 

Jul 30, 2018:
"An optimist is someone who thinks that a long list of reasons is eventually going to come to a good one." 

Jul 29, 2018:
"One of the assumptions in the battle against illegal immigration is that somewhere in the world there's a country whose borders were established legally." 

Jul 28, 2018:
Today's bit of free advice: "Never say anything in public that you are hearing for the first time." 

Jul 27, 2018:
Asked to account for his long life, the old-timer said, "I have never missed an opportunity to save my breath." 

Jul 26, 2018:
"Life is an educational process you can't opt out of.  You either learn the lesson, or you become the lesson." 

Jul 25, 2018:
"There is a point in every success story where the quest becomes the reality and going home again the impossible dream." 

Jul 24, 2018:
Sign at a petting zoo:  "Adults must be accompanied by a child." 

Jul 23, 2018:
At a time when so many have a sense of impending doom, I like a definition of optimism I once heard -- "a sense of impending salvation." 

Jul 22, 2018:
If I try to do the right thing, it is not so that people will say, "Thank you,"  but so that people will say, "I figured it was you." 

Jul 21, 2018:
"Ah, yes, the real me -- someone I'm reasonably sure my parents would never have let me play with." 

Jul 20, 2018:
"Most of the necessary jobs in life are done by people paid less than a man would be paid to do the same thing."