Who Wrote Enjoy The Little Things?

Update: May 3, 2017

I am disappointed to report that as of  today, the Google hits on ["Enjoy the little things" "Vonnegut"] are about 467,000, while the hits on ["Enjoy the little things" "Brault"] are about 403,000.  This reflects a sharp increase in the erroneous crediting of my quote to Mr. Vonnegut (a quote which his official biographer confirms he never wrote.)  

For the record, I wrote the quote for National Enquirer in 1985. It was reprinted by Reader’s Digest in its September 1986 issue, page 139, "Quotable Quotes" (see below).  Between 1986 and 2009, it was quoted in many anthologies, most visibly in the popular “Book of Positive Quotations”, Fairview Press, 1997.  It was attributed to me in all instances.

In 2009, the quote began to be credited to Kurt Vonnegut on internet sites.  The trend has continued despite my efforts to correct the error.

I would say to those who are crediting this quote to Kurt Vonnegut, “Please confirm your source.” If you cannot reference the quote in Kurt Vonnegut’s writings, or if it appears in his writings after 1985-86, then please attribute properly.  Thank you.