The Cocktail Party Season

A holiday cocktail party is where....

... the same couple is always first to arrive no matter how many times they drive around the block.

... every year you have the same conversation with the same people about who you both still are.

... some stranger learns more about you in an hour than your spouse has learned in a lifetime.

...the host and hostess attempt to bring compatible people together by separating married couples.

... there is a rotation that brings married couples back together again every twenty minutes.

... you're always sorry you wrote anything on a napkin.

... nobody thinks it's late until the first couple leaves, and then everybody thinks it's late.

But I love a cocktail party.  It's the best place to meet people who share your desperate desire to be somewhere else.

Happy Holidays!

~~ Robert Brault


  1. Lol, all too true. This is why I don't do cocktail parties aside from the fact that they're populated by people outside my tax bracket!

    1. So I guess it wasn't you that I told my life story to the other night. (smile)