Monday, December 30, 2019

Monday Musings #1

There are days when two people who have committed themselves to each other light years beyond friendship just need to be friends.

Nostalgia is less the memory of days once lived than of dreams once dreamed.

There are mem'ries I choose to live with no more, 
Though we sometimes walk the same lonely shore. 

"Seaburn" Ken Devine at

The challenge of raising kids is that they don't stop growing up while you're taking a bathroom break.

How often I think back to my parents saying, "We raised you better than this," and find myself in complete agreement.

I've always thought that retired couples should dine out together once a week -- to catch up on what's been going on on each other's side of the living room.

There is a tendency in life to become whomever we must become in order to avoid any further discussion of the subject.

An optimist is someone who hears a knock on the door at 2 AM and thinks it's Opportunity.

~~ Robert Brault