Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday Musing

Another day, and life proceeds
Across its sea of wants and needs,
And I afloat, or so it seems,
Upon a raft of hopes and dreams.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thanksgiving Thought

"So maybe there's no Santa Claus... and perhaps no Easter Bunny... but that only makes Thanksgiving more special... because there really is a Grandmother." 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monday Memory

 "Sometimes our search for happiness takes us down a familiar street to an old address."

Watercolor by Joan Brault

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

 "The greatest joy in a goal achieved
Is sharing the moment with one who believed."

Monday, November 15, 2021

Monday Musing

 "Sometimes, to have a conversation you really need to have, you need to take a walk alone in the rain."

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday

 "Sometimes two people get to know what the other is thinking by occasionally telling each other."

Monday, November 8, 2021

Monday Musing

"What makes doing things together so special is that so much of a relationship is time spent apart, and so much of time spent together is spent doing one's own thing in each other's presence."  

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Thursday Tickler

 "There are days when everyone seems to doubt you, and you just have to carry on for your secret admirers."

Monday, November 1, 2021

Monday Musing

"Ah, nostalgia!  We live our lives in the glare of the sun and recall them in the glow of the moon."