Among all my books, my personal favorite!
5 x 8 in, 202 pages

     I long promised myself to expand the original booklet-size version of Reflections to make it the equivalent of my previous books.  This at last has been accomplished.  The expanded edition doubles the size and content of the earlier edition, and, together with Round Up The Usual Subjects, The Second Collection and A Few For The Road, completes a four-book set that includes the whole of my writings. 

     Reflections is certainly the most diverse collection of my writings and, I think, the most genuinely thoughtful.  Like the others, it's a quote book, but it includes also a selection of personal essays, reminiscences and excerpts from my email correspondence with followers of the blog.  For those interested, it reveals, at long last, a private tidbit or two about the fellow behind the sayings.

   The book has had only a modest sale since its release in 2019.  I hope I can entice you to give it a look-see.   My thanks in any case.

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 I am offering inscribed copies of Reflections: Expanded Edition at $9.00 per copy.  Shipping is included.  Alas, I must restrict this offering to USA mailing addresses only.  If interested, just send check, along with your mailing address and inscription info to the address below.  If you wish to pay by PayPal, address payment to and let me know mailing address/inscription details by email.  Thank you.

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