Thoughts By The Sea

"Seaburn" by Ken Devine,

"Life is mostly a good reason to go for a walk with your dog."

"Take no revenge that you have not pondered beneath a starry sky, or on a canyon overlook, or to the lapping of waves and the mewing of a distant gull."

"We lack resolve and blame fate, mistaking the drift for the tides."

"I saw, on the beach, an elderly couple,
Walking arm-in-arm,
Thinking each other's thoughts,
Casting each other's shadow,
And I wondered which had been the great love
And which the acquired taste
That became an addiction."

"Seems like every time I go to the ocean, the tide comes in when I want it to go out, the sort of luck that has dogged me all my life."

"When I am gone, my love, do not look for me in the places we used to go to together.  Look for me in the places we always planned to go to together."

"I have always needed a place to go to as refuge from the crowd -- and a crowd to go to as refuge from that place."

"I enjoy both company and solitude, and in the company of my solitude, I find both."

"There are times when I need the company of people, and times when I need the company of creatures who were never expelled from paradise for wanting to become God."

"The first step toward finding the one answer is to see it all as one mystery."

"Perhaps we misjudge other people's loneliness, for we are so seldom with them when they're alone."

"Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place."

"There doesn't have to be anyone who understands you.  There just has to be someone who wants to."

~~ Robert Brault