Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thursday Thoughts #3

A life of hope and optimism may sometimes disappoint, but of all lives that disappoint, it is the one I would choose.

The trouble with self-love is that it doesn't last, and it's the devil to go your separate ways.

It's a good friend who always knows the right words to leave unsaid.

He was a sad and lonesome clown,
And she was the circus that came to town.

Photo Art by Allecia, "Wisdom For The Ages"

Two wrongs don't make a right, but some folks seem hellbent on finding out how many wrongs will.

I know enough about reality to know that people who say, "The reality is..." don't know, either.

It's a sad lament -- the happiness you might have found if you had taken the path that still lies right there in front of you.

Sometimes, to remove the clutter from your life, you must leave the clutter where it is and put yourself out on the curb.

~~ Robert Brault


  1. Hello Robert! Good thinking as always.

  2. Hey, Maxie Lee. So great to hear from one of the "charter members." Will be checking in on that "unfinished life."