Sunday, February 9, 2020

Monday Musings #7

You pray for a miracle -- for divine intervention -- until one day it finally hits you -- that you are the tool by which God intervenes, that your prayer for a miracle was answered on the day you were born.

One thing we probably have in common with the ancients is that they didn't know they were living in biblical times, either.

No politician ever catered to the ignorant for the purpose of educating them.

What the immigrant so often brings to a new land is a quest for learning, a respect for education -- the antidote to the nativist belief that it can only be true if you ain't never learned it in no school.

Far from knowing history, you wonder if politicians today even suspect that anyone is writing this down.

In a time when lies are fabricated out of whole cloth, you kinda pine for the days when liars manipulated the truth.

I have faith that "the lion will lay down with the lamb."  What I doubt is that the elephant will lie down with the donkey.

Meanwhile, February goes about its mischief -- publicly giving birth to a new crop of "leave me alone" Aquarians while privately conceiving the next round of "follow me" Scorpios.

~~ Robert Brault