Sunday, February 23, 2020

Monday Musings #9

You don't have to believe in an afterlife to believe that there are people gone from this earth you can still make proud of you.

Your Mom Has A Blog
I doubt that you still laugh or cry in the quiet of your grave, but I'm confident that you still worry as a parent.

On the one hand, don't take everything seriously.  On the other hand, don't expect anything to change until you do.

We don't always get the miracle we pray for, but we nearly always get the strength we pray for.

Happiness is always a risk, whereas the unhappiness in our lives tends to be familiar, tolerable and fully paid for.

To be ultimately wise is to know everything, none of it for sure.

As hard as two people may try, it is impossible to travel diverging paths by day and meet back in the same place every night.

To know history is to inherit the ultimate "To Do" list.

As any long-married couple can tell you, there are ways to demonstrate love so subtle that they are undetectable by a third party -- and often by the second party.

~~ Robert Brault